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24 mayo, 2021
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There is a trend to do everything with vintage style, motorcycling is no exception and the proof is in the large number of accessories that have been going on sale in the market with that seventies air that many of us like.

That’s why we leave here three amazing vintage motorcycle accessories:

Simpson M50 helmet

The M50 is inspired by the 1970s of classic motocross. It maintains the basic technology and is composed of fiberglass, with removable and washable pads, and DOT certification. You can find it on the market with an approximate price of $ 299 and it comes in six colors: Glossy Black, Matte Black, white, Gunmetal matte, red and yellow.


Ride 100% Barstow Ascott goggles

Inspired by ‘hare & hound’ desert races from the 70s, with some variations. The frame design is minimalist, but includes top grilles and a triple layer of foam, lined in wool. The cream and brown finish gives it a look Authentic, with an ultra-modern gray lens with Dalloz optics. They find it around $ 95.


78 Motor Co ‘Speed ​​Gloves’

Five years ago, Anthony Jackson rode a 125cc motorcycle from England to Mongolia. He expected his famous brand to be very successful, but it didn’t turn out that way. Now that he’s back in Old Blighty, Anthony began to design his own gloves, so today he is in charge of 78 Motor Co., a small business with a reputation for quality. The 78 Speed ​​Gloves They have a vintage look, but the security is very much in line with today’s standards. They have carbon steel knuckle guards, double stitching, a padded lining and reinforced palms. An oversized velcro closure ensures a good fit around the wrist and the leather is colored with transparent aniline dyes to highlight the grain.


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