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25 mayo, 2021
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It is difficult to disassociate certain clichés when talking about the biker world and to a certain extent many of them are rather a classic in this area. Chopper type motorcycles They are a clear example of this, because if there is something classic in the world of motorcycling, it is the Chopper. Choppers arrived right after WWII and they stayed forever.

We have already mentioned before in a much more detailed and specific way the characteristics of this type of motorcycles, so just to identify which motorcycles we are talking about and remember a little in a general way, we can say that what characterizes them is that they carry a longer fork, a higher handlebar, (which gives a position to the hands higher than the shoulders of the pilot). They are the motorcycles from which everything that was left was removed with the purpose of making them lighter, that if, the more metallic shine the better.

Currently there are many manufacturers of Chopper type motorcycles on the market, since a Chopper can be created from scratch, modified from an existing one or simply taken from a manufacturer’s store.

In this note we would like to mention three of the most representative brands that, within their wide range of motorcycles, create and distribute chopper motorcycles.

The first one we will mention it’s Harley-Davidson.

A firm that has been manufacturing motorcycles since 1904.


Despite being so popular and well known, it is a brand that raises great controversy, as there are those who do not agree that it is recognized as one of the main Chopper motorcycle brands. Here we cannot avoid mentioning it.

The next one would have to be Harley’s immediate competition, The Great Indian motorcycle, one of the favorites and classics on the market.


Indian Motorcycle was founded in 1901 as Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company, Although it had a bad time in which it was forced to lower the curtains, it recovered like a phoenix and today it is one of the most successful brands.

To close the note is the Japanese brand Yamaha.


This firm has a wide variety of products, but the ones that interest us for now are those related to the biker world. And it is in 1954 when Yamaha launched its first line of motorcycles, just after the Second World War.

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