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25 mayo, 2021
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When people do not have enough information about a topic or even a person, or whatever, we tend to put very general labels, based only on the outside and above all on ignorance. That is something that for motorcyclists is very common, it is not in a general way, it does not always happen, but it is common. Based on those labels and on those judgments, it is that people express opinions that seem “general” or rather unconscious, because now that I think about it … Why do people take the trouble to give their opinion and even give their advice to a biker, on a subject that is not really his domain? .. Why?

Well, what I’m going to is, to talk about three biker myths based on total ignorance of the subject.

Myth number one:

The basic and very popular “Riding a motorcycle is very dangerous”. Yes, it is very dangerous, such as traveling by plane, going out for a dog walk, riding the roller coaster and even living a sedentary life at home without doing any kind of physical activity. Many things are dangerous if one does not take the necessary precautions, but that is why driver education excites, protective equipment, technology that now places so much emphasis on pilot safety, there are so many things that help us prevent, that It does not exempt us from danger, but if we pay attention and take it responsibly, it is as healthy and beneficial as the best therapy in the world, or better. Riding a motorcycle is something that can make you dangerously happy!

Myth number two:

«The motorcycles always go very fast» As fast as any other vehicle, motorists in and out of the city have the same speed limits as any other vehicle. When have you seen a sign that says Autos 40km / h. Bicycles 20km / h. Motorcycles 100km / h? Not! And it is that whoever goes fast is by decision and irresponsibility of their own, just as they would do it on a motorcycle, in a car or on a tricycle, they cannot label a motorcyclist based on one, it is like saying that all motorists drive drunk just because some do.

Myth number three:

“If he rides a motorcycle, it is very bad” hahahaha, this one makes me laugh, .. but we are teddy bears! Do not get carried away by appearance, or stop watching so much film, the truth is that we bikers have codes, rules, bases, principles, all of them based on human values, we are all very aware of the value of life, of what fortunate that we are to be here, how important a brother is, because we are all family and we know that we are all important, indeed, I wish motorists had those same values ​​or respect for life that we have, if so the Traffic accident statistics would not be as high as they are.

People, you are truly cordially invited to inform yourself before passing judgment on whatever, because if you really do inform yourself before speaking, one of two, or what you have to say, will not be able to have so much negative load or you realize that nor is it worth talking about.

Have a happy bikers ride !!


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