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Three-wheeled scooter: technique, driving and tips

22 mayo, 2021
scooter tres ruedas consejos

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Are tricycle scooters for newbies?

Three-wheeled scooters were not born just for the inexperienced motorcycle rider. Moreover, I would tell you that if the objective is to learn to ride a motorcycle, on any motorcycle, it is not a good recommendation to start with a three-wheeler. It seems to us always better to learn to ride a moped or 125 gears, before riding an automatic scooter or three-wheeled scooter. From our point of view, some basic knowledge of motorcycle driving is essential before safely riding a three-wheeled scooter and to know how to get all the advantages that they offer you.

Peugeot metropolis

Why can I bring a three-wheeled scooter with the car license?

Three-wheeled scooters received the homologation of tricycles, a type of vehicle that in most European countries can be driven with a car license. They are not part of the validation of Carnet B to A1 if you have more than three years of experience, validation that is only valid for carrying motorcycles and scooters up to 125 cc. Tricycles, being more exact Vehicles of the L5e category, can be carried with the car license whatever their cylinder capacity. If you remember Piaggio launched two ranges of MP3, the second were the so-called LT that had a bit more width in the front end, they had to have a brake on the foot, position light and indicators not located inside the body. With these modifications they became tricycles and not motorcycles.

If they are not a motorcycle … Do I have the same advantages as these?

Being very strict and depending on local regulations, no. It could be the case that an agent fined you for driving on lanes in which only buses, taxis or motorcycles can circulate, or that you cannot park in parking spaces reserved for motorcycles; because you do not carry a motorcycle, if not a vehicle approved as a tricycle. Being practical and given that what the law or ordinances seek is to favor the most agile vehicles, it is difficult to discriminate between three-wheeled scooters approved as L5e (tricycles) or as motorcycles.

If I let go of my tricycle … it falls over

It seems obvious but we must insist on the subject. If I let go of a three-wheeled scooter it falls over. It is also possible to go to the ground if you do not observe some basic rules. When a three-wheeled scooter is stationary, the front suspension blocks the swing of the two shock absorbers and keeps it balanced. This is independent of what position each of the front wheels is in … and to give you an example, one could be up on a curb, and the other down so that the suspension was locked at this point in order to maintain the vehicle. in a stable position and without lateral tilt. With the engine running the two front shock absorbers are unlocked and allow the scooter to rock. And when we reach a traffic light with the engine running, in many cases we have a switch that will allow us to lock the suspension and stop the scooter without having to put both feet on the ground … When we accelerate again, the suspension is unlocked again.

A three-wheeled scooter has other safety features, for example it cannot be accelerated without detecting weight on the seat. They also usually have a parking brake so that it cannot roll if we leave it on a ramp. And they have a central stand, a very useful element to park it or to carry out maintenance tasks.

Yamaha niken

If I have already ridden motorcycles … what are the advantages of a three-wheeled scooter?

The sensations of a three-wheel scooter are completely motorcycle or, in other words, I have to bend over so that the motorcycle turns and support myself with the gas to return to the straight position. The handlebars and the body will help us to produce that moment of imbalance that allows us to drive and maneuver on a motorcycle and to brake we will have to support the front end well.

It is at the moment of braking where the first advantages are noticed, because the two support points will give us an extraordinary contact and a much higher retention than that of a motorcycle. You have a disc brake at home one of the wheels. The front wheel will never tend to go away or, to explain better, if the front axle slides laterally it does so like a car, horizontally and without causing a fall. Roundabouts that usually have gravel or dirt, wet pavements first thing in the morning, curves with some frost or dirt, all those places where you do not enter very confident on two wheels, are the places where we will learn to value our three-wheel scooter. wheels.

KYMCO CV3 Three Wheel Scooter

What if I have never ridden motorcycles?

Here it will depend on your experience with other types of two-wheelers, for example a bike. You will have an extra feeling of support or at least you will not be so surprised to go at speed on a vehicle that is almost a motorcycle. The front axle stability, the effectiveness of braking and the feeling of having more support will help you gain confidence. But in this case, we strongly recommend that you practice with your new vehicle beforehand in low-traffic areas, urbanizations and secondary roads before embarking on a day-to-day journey through traffic jams and busy roads.

Are they all advantages with a three-wheeled scooter?

Unfortunately not. Compared to a conventional motorcycle or scooter we will notice that it is much less agile. to get started you have a much smaller turning radius, you will notice it in very congested traffic situations, for example if you have to change the space from one row of cars to another. It is also somewhat wider, not in terms of the width of the handlebar, if not the width of the front end, which will tend to touch, for example, a curb if we are driving near a sidewalk or are going through a very narrow passage in the middle of a traffic jam. . And they are not as fast when it comes to sudden changes of direction as a motorcycle. With a three-wheeled scooter, the recommendation is that you ride very calmly and with a style much more conservative and closer to that of carrying a car than a motorcycle.

Another disadvantage is that you will need something more space to park it. For example, you will notice this if you have a garage space that you share with your car.

Quadro Quatro

The future of three-wheeled scooters? Four?

More than 10 years have passed since Piaggio surprised us with its MP3, of which there was even a hybrid version with an electric and thermal motor; Without a doubt, the Italian giant wanted to see all the possibilities that his new invention had. Another major scooter manufacturer such as Peugeot also developed its three-wheeler, the Metropolis, which today is a perfect alternative to MP3. Yamaha first focused on a practical 125cc three-wheeler, the Tricity, and this season they surprised us with the first MT09-based sport bike with two front wheels, the Niken.

But perhaps the logical evolution of this type of vehicle is to also have two support points behind it, with the same oscillating system. This is the Quadro 4, a vehicle that has come out of the same engineering team that developed the MP3 and that has continued to work a lot on new hydropneumatic suspension systems that allow making a vehicle that is narrow, very agile and with maximum support points. The Quadro Quatro is also homologated as a tricycle.

On the other hand, KYMCO is already preparing a new generation of scooters in which modularity and versatility are going to be its main lines. After the last Milan Motorcycle Show, the first images of the CV3 were distributed, which will be the three-wheeled scooter of the Taiwanese firm.

Toyota iRoad

¿Electrical? After the puncture of Vectrix, which had the first electric three-wheel scooter very advanced, the commercial step to one of these vehicles that will undoubtedly represent a new generation has not yet been taken. Car brands are no strangers to the phenomenon of three-wheeled scooters, an alternative that can be a rival in the sales of their most basic and urban models. Big firms like Toyota with iRoad, based on its hydro and electrical technology or plug-in electrical prototypes such as those presented by PSA (Peugeot belongs to this group and has a scooter division), in the latter case with two electric motors on each of the front wheels, they could be the future of this booming segment.

Electric scooter PSA

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