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Thyssenkrupp carbon rims for the Honda CBR1000RR-R

25 mayo, 2021
Thyssenkrupp para la Honda CBR1000RR R

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The well-known German multinational firm has launched Thyssenkrupp carbon wheels for the Honda CBR1000RR-R.

The pair of tires is available for both the standard CBR1000RR-R and the SP, and the firm announces a 1.6 kg weight reduction compared to the already light aluminum ones as standard.

Thyssenkrupp carbono Honda CBR1000RR R

Thyssenkrupp has its own carbon fiber elaboration system consisting of a braiding that it has patented and that guarantees maximum rigidity and lightness.

Tires are available in 3.5 × 17 ”(front) and 6.0 × 17” (rear) sizes. Its price is 3,411 euros torque, including bearings and valves.

Advantages of carbon rims

Although the weight reduction is obvious, the benefits of carbon rims go far beyond the overall weight reduction.

First, the wheels in motion cause a gyroscopic effect that is higher the greater their mass. A motorcycle stays upright due to the gyroscopic effect of its wheels when it turns, and if, on the one hand, that is precisely what prevents it from falling, it is also – to a large extent – the cause of it being difficult to lean, a greater effect when the higher the turning speed. If we reduce the weight of the tires, we will decrease the gyroscopic effect and, therefore, we will gain agility. It will be much easier to move the bike from side to side on inclines.

A gyroscope is roughly a wheel with a certain mass that maintains its position when rotating at high speed.


A simple twist

As an example of the effect of gyros, popular Segways use heavy gyros to maintain verticality, making it almost impossible for them to tip over. The same goes for heavy spinning wheels: they make it hard to lean the bike.


Another advantage of reducing the weight of a wheel is that it also reduces the force that the motor must make to turn it when accelerating – therefore, acceleration is gained – but also when braking, by reducing inertia in both cases. .

The last benefit when losing weight on tires is in the suspensions, since they must make less effort, having less suspended masses and, therefore, they are more effective.

The disadvantages? obviously, the price, which is usually high, and a certain fragility against possible dry blows, which makes them more inadvisable for everyday use. Both reasons mean that its use is destined almost exclusively for circuit.

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