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Tips for safe motorcycle travel

24 mayo, 2021
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We will place the motorcycle luggage well

Luggage is another of the fundamental points, place it well whether you have a set of suitcases anchored to the motorcycle, or if you have not had so much budget and you are going for bags with octopus and nets.

Also before leaving and if we travel in a group it is important that we establish some behavioral guidelines. It is important that, if we do not have a system to communicate with the rest of our colleagues, we establish a way to communicate if we have to stop or if we have a problem. Planning the stops beforehand and foreseeing the type of motorcycles we carry is essential so as not to waste too much time on refueling or to agree on the stops that are basic during the route, especially to stretch our legs or see something that we should not miss. Letting everyone go their own way and stopping where they want is the best way for everyone to end up arguing.

We always we recommend meeting soon. For us, the best hours of the day to ride a motorcycle are the first thing in the morning, less traffic and with a clean and fresh atmosphere. It will seem silly to you but even the engines of our motorcycles seem to be going better, finer… It is also the best time to refuel and, if we want, have the whole group for breakfast together and talk about the last details of the route. Be careful if we are in winter, because it will be when there could be ice or frost spots on the road.

You should have a strong breakfast, with fruit, juices, some protein and coffee or tea. But without passing us. Everyone with their needs also ready and all refueled. The two pilots with more experience must be the ones who open and close the route and the guideline is that no one loses their partner behind. It is not worth leaving anyone lying … Although now with mobile phones everything is easier.

How do we calculate refueling on a motorcycle route?

Refueling is planned based on of the motorcycle with less tank capacity, and the correct thing is to refuel everything again at the same time so as not to uncoordinate. In the event that we get lost, it is not worth getting angry with the one who leads the way, let us be a little in solidarity with him who is carrying all the weight of the route. Never ride too close to our partner in front, and try to ride in a group in a non-linear formation, always with a reference point for an escape in case of emergency braking. Nor is it worth going racing or eating someone’s wheel, we are on the road, not on a circuit. We will leave the drills and demonstrations for the circuit.

If we have had a good breakfast we can be rolling non-stop until lunchtime. Obviously stopping during the route to comment and avoid fatigue and lack of concentration, let’s not overdo it.

We will do this in a frugal way, hydrating us a lot and of course without tasting any alcohol. Beer without alcohol, or the best water, while we comment on everything that happened to us in the morning. After lunch, he foresees a calmer pace to get to our destination in time, which could be the beginning of a new stage, back home, arrival at a concentration and that great prize that we have been waiting all year. At that time, we do recommend a fresh beer while we enjoy the day’s experiences with our friends.

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