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Tips for traveling by motorcycle in Portugal and its happy tolls

24 mayo, 2021
viaje moto portugal

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How can I pay the toll in Portugal if there are no cabins?

The simplest way to avoid problems on your motorcycle trip in Portugal is to associate your credit card with the registration of your motorcycle with a system called Easytoll. The amounts of the tolls will be automatically charged once we go through payment sections where the registration of all vehicles is recorded. We already know that we do not like to leave our credit card at risk of what they want to charge us, but if it is not in this way, things get a bit complicated.

Where can I associate the credit card with the license plate of my motorcycle?

In the steps between Spain and Portugal in:

  • A28 – Viana do Castelo Service Station
  • A24 – 3.5 km from the Chaves / Verin border
  • A25 – Alto de Leomil Service Station
  • A22 – next to the Castro Marim / Ayamonte border
  • A28 – Viana do Castelo
  • A24 – 3.5 km from the Chaves / Verin border
  • A25 – Alto de Leomil service area (Vilar Formoso)
  • A22 – Vila Real de Santo António

The second option is to buy a prepaid Toll Service and Toll Service card, with various types of charges, from 5 to 40 euros … You have these cards at post offices or at some GALP or CEPSA service stations. In this link you will find all the Toll Service points of sale.

ViaT and other electronic devices

If you have a ViaT that you use in Spain, it will also work for you in Portugal. You just have to get into the Vía Verde lane so that the device that you will have to wear on the dome of the motorcycle, tank bag, sometimes in a jacket pocket or, better, in some accessories for it such as the sold by GIVI. If you do not have ViaT, you can rent a device temporarily in Portugal on the Via Verde website.

What if I skip a toll?

In the event that you do not have any payment method and that you have accidentally entered one of these electronic roads, you have 24 hours to declare this fact online and make the payment that exempts you from the fine. You have to do it on this web page where you will see with your registration if you have payments without making.

Can you travel by motorcycle in Portugal without tolls?

Of course, there are many alternative routes that will make us enjoy the country at a slower pace, on 100 percent motorcycle roads and without costing us a euro. We will only have problems in Lisbon if we have to cross the famous Vasco de Gama Bridge. You just have to do your research on the Internet, draw a route and, of course, stay on it. Good trip!

With the collaboration of Gustavo Cuervo, specialist in motorcycle trips.

Tolls in Portugal

Main tolls in Portugal

North Coast

  • A27 / IP9: Viana do Castelo – Ponte de Lima
  • A28 / IC1: Viana do Castelo – Porto

AE Transmontana

  • A4: South of Bragança bypass

Interior North

  • A24 / IP3: Vila Verde da Raia (border) – Viseu

Big Porto

  • A4: Matosinhos – Águas Santas
  • A41 / IC24: Perafita / Freixieiro – Sêroa (West)
  • A42 / IC25: Sêroa (West) – Lousada

Center (Costa de Prata)

  • A17 / IC1: Estádio de Aveiro – Mira – Autopista do Litoral Centro (between Mira and Aveiro)
  • A25 / IP5: Albergaria-a-velha (A1 / IP1) – Vilar Formoso (border)
  • A29 / IC1: Miramar – Angeja

Center (Beira Interior)

  • A23 / IP6: Torres Novas – Guarda

Lisbon Região (Pinhal Interior)

  • A13 / IC3: Atalaia – Tomar

Lisbon Região (West Coast)

  • A8 / IC36: South Leiria bypass
  • A19 / IC2: Variant da Batalha

Baixo Tejo

  • A33 – Belverde – Coina

Algarve (Via do Infante)

  • A22: Lagos – Castro Marim

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