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Tom Tom Urban Rider

25 mayo, 2021

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The Tom Tom Urban Rider features a simplified user interface and an intuitive display that can be used with gloves, while ensuring that cyclists and motorcyclists will have the smartest navigation with innovative TomTom features, such as advanced display of lanes and IQ Routes ™ technology, all from just € 249.

“With TomTom Urban Rider, we make navigation truly accessible for any two-wheeler driver,” says Nuno Gomes, Vice President of Sales for TomTom Iberia. “Used either on routine motorcycle trips or for long weekend trips, it’s all these drivers need and at an attractive price.”

The most striking feature is the simplified menu, which has only two buttons – “Go To” and “Show Map” -. This allows you to circulate without stress, and it becomes something easier if possible thanks to the glove-compatible screen and its large icons.

When it comes to safety, a long-awaited addition is coming to the entire Rider range: advanced lane guidance. In the most difficult intersections, it provides a realistic 3D representation so that the user does not stress and drive safely.

For even better routes, TomTom Urban Rider also features IQRoutes ™. This innovative TomTom technology uses the speed data provided by millions of users to calculate the fastest route at any time of any day.

And to help customers keep their maps up to date between releases, TomTom Urban Rider incorporates Map Share ™ technology. This allows them to make corrections to their maps and benefit from thousands of updates made by other TomTom users every day, free of charge.

For drivers who want to go further, TomTom is also launching the TomTom Rider Pro, which incorporates a Bluetooth® headset for loud and clear voice instructions and to be able to take phone calls while driving.

TomTom Urban Rider will be available from the end of May 2010. For more information or to purchase, visit

Main features of TomTom Urban Rider and TomTom Rider Pro

• Simplified menu
• Glove compatible screen
• Advanced lane guidance
• IQ Routes ™
• Map Share ™


• Additional RAM mounting kit to firmly fix the device to any motorcycle model.
• Car mounting kit.
• A mini USB charger for home use.
• A Bluetooth® speaker for listening to voice instructions and making hands-free calls (Rider Pro only).

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