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Top 5 motorcycle video games | Moto1Pro

23 mayo, 2021
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The quarantine continues, the confinement must now be stronger than ever to try to shorten our days at home. We know that you are all looking forward to riding a motorcycle. If we did a survey we are sure that it would be one of the activities that would be among the top 5. But now it is not possible and we have to be confined.

Many of you are video game lovers and we are sure that you know the list, but those who had not looked into this world now have time to enjoy them and put off So the bug.

The weekend is here and for all those who have time this may be one of the plans to entertain you and stop thinking for a moment about the happy coronavirus and all this movie that we are having to live.

It is not necessary to have a console, from your personal computer you can download or buy the game and start driving from your home. There is something for all tastes, but all of them with a realism capable of making you disconnect.

Without further ado we pass you what we think we think may be the top 5 motorcycle video games.

5: MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame

4: MotoGP ™ 19

motogp 19 4


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