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Torrot Velocipedo Two-seater, 150 km electrified and without helmet

23 mayo, 2021
torrot velocipedo biplaza 1

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Last year Torrot surprised everyone with the staging of a prototype called Velocipede, and this year it has perfected it by improving its most functional aspects and providing it with a second seat that opens up the possibility of moving in duet.

This peculiar three-wheeled scooter, fully enclosed and with 100% electric propulsion, is presented with such interesting elements as e-call technology or internet connectivity through mobile phones. By having a structure of pillars, the Velocipede in its hood version can be driven without a helmet.

In addition, since it is an electric equivalent to a 125 cc of gasoline You can drive with both the A1 and the B license with more than three years old. Oh, and no helmet!

Torrot Velocipedo Two-seater, with 150 km of autonomy

The Velocipedo’s engine offers a maximum power of 11 CV and, always according to the brand itself, It is capable of reaching 45 km / h from a standing start in just 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 95 km / h.

Power delivery can be managed thanks to the 4 driving modes offered (Eco, Urban, Sport Walking and Sport Reverse).

The maximum autonomy is set at 150 km, which is not bad at all considering that the total weight of the scooter is 245 kilos, and to move them it has five batteries located on the floor of the scooter, which favors a low center of gravity. These are removable (8 kilos each).

Although it is not yet on the market and the price has not been made public, Torrot already accepts reservations.

torrot velocipedo biplaza 2

The front shows a peculiar image with a headlamp with two stacked ellipsoids framed by a triangle of led strip.

torrot velocipedo biplaza 3

The dashboard, a large color TFT screen, communicates with the mobile through an app to offer us all kinds of data on the use of the scooter.

torrot velocipedo biplaza 4

The batteries are located on the platform to promote a low center of gravity, and there are a total of 5 batteries and each weighs 8 kilos.

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