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23 mayo, 2021
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Sometimes when going on a trip the plan is to do a part by motorcycle and another by car, either for practicality, logistics or simple pleasure. For that, it is necessary to transport our motorcycle on a trailer, van or other type of vehicle, and that can be a truly complicated issue. Fortunately, there are already some accessories on the market that make the cumbersome task easier, such is the case of the MOTO-D system that we show below.

It is a kind of stand made of steel that fixes the axle to the rear of the motorcycle by means of a very simple system of bars and locks. This accessory is fixed to the floor of the trailer or any vehicle that transports the motorcycle in question and it is only necessary to raise or lower it with the help of a ramp to fix or release the motorcycle. We forget about the ropes, knots or other improvised resources that we use to secure it. The suspension of the load is not compromised either.


DWe put together a video that shows in a practical way the operation and how easy it can be to assemble and disassemble our motorcycle with this accessory.

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