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Traveling the world on a motorcycle … without money

24 mayo, 2021

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This past weekend we received this email: I am writing to you with the purpose of letting you know about our current project that is underway, traveling the world by motorcycle without sponsors and without money, aboard a Yamaha Ténéré 660 from Colombia, since it would seem like a very good idea to us if, please, you could make a note about our project in your spectacular magazine ”.

Is about Jorge Osorio and Katherine Bermúdez, a Colombian couple who decided to make a radical change in their lives: leave their professions, their security, sell everything they had, buy a Yamaha 660 Ténéré, which they have called “Saphira” and set out to travel the world, with practically no money.

The first chapter was written by Jorge in 2012, when he left his job -for the first time- and was touring South America. Now, with Katherine, his partner, the challenge was even greater: to travel the whole world … without money:

“It meant giving up my job again —the first time was in 2012 when I decided to tour South America for a year—; for Kathe, it was explaining to her family that we left something stable to go to fulfill a dream, without knowing what was going to happen in the future “, explains the Colombian adventurer. “We have no extra income or sponsors, just friends, very good friends”, says Jorge, which is defined as “Systems engineer, by profession, and world traveler, out of passion.”

People help them in almost everything, especially in those countries with fewer resources: “In Iran, for example, we meet the most palatable people on our trip. They invited us to their houses and to eat. So that you have an idea, we were there a month, we traveled 3,000 kilometers and we only spent 30 dollars. They should see my cell phone contacts… Traveling without money has taught us the great value that friends have, even those you make on the road ”.

Even in the maintenance of the motorcycle they have found disinterested help, in addition to a great reliability of Saphira: “A person always appears offering us an oil change or full maintenance (as happened to us in Dubai). We also go to dealerships and they help us with a basic overhaul. Only once in Italy did the chain break, but we had a spare, and in Greece a rear wheel bearing was damaged which cost only eight euros ”.

Not all have been good times, of course: In the north of Turkey and in Georgia, with temperatures below zero degrees, they had a really bad time. Katherine seriously considered going home, though it was a thought that didn’t last long. They usually camp where they can, sleeping in their little tent.

The couple wrote to a newspaper in their country to disclose their experience, in this way:

“Hello! I am writing to you from the camping tent we have lived in for 12 days on a beach in Dubai. Our pockets add up to two dollars. We arrived by motorcycle from Colombia, without a map or contacts. But don’t worry, everything is part of the adventure”.

Jorge tells us in his email: “By the way Klaps, it is the name of our project traveling all over the world, the idea is to upload to my website all the information you need to travel around the world by motorcycle, contact information for intercontinental transport, costs, telephones, all very clear and FREE for all future travelers. “Klaps” is a German word that means like “Clap”, we chose that name because it is different, sonorous, and in all languages ​​it is pronounced the same “.

At the moment, Jorge and Kathe meet in Nepal, helping to rebuild a school destroyed by the terrible earthquake that struck the country in 2015.

If you want to follow the couple, you can do so on social networks:




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