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24 mayo, 2021
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Triton Motorcycles are not factory motorcycle models, it is rather a hybrid concept that was born in the 1960s and 1970s. The idea was simple, combine the Triumph Bonneville engine and the Norton Featherbed frame to get a motorcycle superior to anyone, which they called Triton. ‘Triton’ is a contraction of Triumph and Norton .; and ‘Triton’ is also the name of a Greek, mythological god.

Most Tritons received a style with Isle of Man influences: solo racing seats, rear sets, clip-ons, and sweptback pipes.

What started out as an experimental concept built in a shed soon became a much sought-after mythical brand in the motorcycling world, and today tritons are considered some of the most desirable vintage motorcycles to ride.

We leave here some very good examples of Triton Motorcycles

Freddie Cooper 1960


CP Project One. This amazing and elegant machine was the first of the Project CP bikes. It is also one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever built.


Featherbed 865


Britalmoto New Triton. A 21st century triton, meets the requirements, It has the Norton frame and the Triumph engine, but it’s not from the 60s.


Triton 500

Triton 500

Triton T120R by Richard Hammon. By the way puesta e auction last 2105.


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