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Triumph Scrambler from Jurassic World

22 mayo, 2021
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The Tiumph Scrambler that stars in Jurassic World, the fourth film in the series, was auctioned for an amount close to $ 496,000.00 pesos for the benefit of prostate cancer research.

3 Scrambler were used in the movie. Actor Chris Pratt was awarded one, another is exhibited at the Triumph Motorcycle headquarters and the third was auctioned for 10 days from July 23 of the current year.

The auction attracted 90 bids, of which The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride allocated the winner’s money to prostate cancer research.

In the video that I leave you, you can see behind the scenes of the action scenes with the Scrambler, where Chris Prat himself mentions that you should never trust your skills when talking about motorcycles.

The Scrambler is a motorcycle that reminds us of the glory days of dirt bikes and I could not imagine a more appropriate motorcycle to run around dinosaurs in the jungle and judge with the following photos and do not forget to leave your comments.




General data

Total length (mm) 2213

Overall width (mm) 860

Total height (mm) 1202

Distance between axis 1500

Seat height 825

Ground clearance 177

Weight 205.0

Loaded weight 230

Fuel tank capacity 16.0

Fuel type Unleaded 95

Oil deposit 4.5

Engine configuration Parallel twin,

Motor cycle 2 times

Distribution DOHC

Refrigeration air

Displacement (cc) 865.0

Cylinder diameter (mm) 90.0

Cylinder stroke (mm) 68

Compression ratio 9.9: 1

Maximum power 60.0 hp

Engine speed at maximum power (rpm) 6800

Maximum torque (Nm) 59.0

Engine speed for maximum torque (rpm) 6800

Switched on Induction digital

Clutch Multi-disc in oil bath

Gear ratio 1 41/15

Gear ratio 2 37/19

Gear ratio 3 34/22

Gear ratio 4 31/24

Gear ratio 5 29/27

Chassis Steel cradle

Advance (mm) 105.0

Front suspension Kayaba fork

Front suspension bars diameter (mm) 41

Front suspension travel (mm) 120

Rear suspension Double Kayaba shock

Rear suspension travel (mm) 100

Front brake 2ps caliper disc

Front brake diameter 310mm disc

Back brake 2ps caliper disc

Rear brake diameter (mm) 255mm disc

Front tire 100/90 19

Front rim Al 7-spoke, 18 x 2.5 ″

Rear tire 130/80 17

Back tire Al 7-spoke, 17 x 3.5 ″

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