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Tune-up tips for a long motorcycle trip

23 mayo, 2021
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If you are already starting to plan motorcycle vacations, we offer you some tips so that you have everything ready the day we embark on the adventure.

Before leaving, it is very important to set up for a long trip. And not just the motorcycle! Also of our equipment and habits …

We also love vacations, and especially with a biker getaway included. But before we start doing kilometers, it is very important to be clear about some basic concepts, for our safety.

Make a little set-up of the bike before hitting the road is very important and it can save you a lot of headaches. But … What should you take into account and review? We help you!

Tuning for a long journey



There are several points to take into account with the tires, not in vain it is a crucial element for our safety since it is the only element that keeps our motorcycle in contact with the ground.

First of all it’s basic check your status. Tires also have an expiration date and they wear out even without being used. The gum dries out and stretch marks may appear. If your tires are like this, it’s time to retire them.

The drawing has to be correctIf the wheels are worn, you will put your safety, that of other road users, at risk, and you can also get a fine as a gift.

Tire pressure. At this point you should check the instructions of the manufacturer of your motorcycle. But do not forget to take into account if you are going to travel alone or accompanied, and the luggage that you will take since that also influences the inflation of tires.

As advice, especially if you are going to face a trip of many kilometers, is that put new tires if yours have already exceeded half their useful life. You must bear in mind that, if you are traveling two people, and loaded with luggage, the wear and tear will be greater than that suffered in daily use. You might find yourself needing to change them during the trip. Obviously, only you know the kilometers you are going to do. But keep this detail in mind.



It is it is essential to check the oil and coolant levels. In these two cases, it is also very important to check the manufacturer’s instructions.

In the case of oil, generally, it is advisable to start the motorcycle for a minute, have it off for another minute, and then check the level. In any case, as we said, the manufacturer of each motorcycle has the last word.

Keep in mind that you should also find out if it is better to look at it on the central stand, holding the motorcycle …



Essential make sure all bulbs or LEDs are in good condition. First of all, because on a motorcycle it is mandatory to carry the low beam day and night. Secondly, because almost certainly at some point during the trip you will ride the motorcycle at night.

As for the life that is left to the lights, it is almost impossible to know. So, if you know that you’ve been with them for a long time, it would not be a bad idea make the change before depart.

If you are thinking of buy new bulbs or leds, if we would recommend you to spend a little more and buy them quality. We are not talking about outrageous amounts, and you will notice a lot the difference in the quality of the lighting.

Formerly it was mandatory to carry replacement bulbs, however, that is no longer the case since in many models changing them can be very complicated. In any case, if you know your motorcycle and know how to change them, carrying spare parts can always save you time and money.

All these advice regarding the set-up for a long trip, affect what would be strictly the motorcycle. But to face a trip you must take into account more details.

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