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Turn of the 500 2T ?: Life is a dream

24 mayo, 2021
enduro 500 2t

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300 Japanese 2T

Sales have shown that European brands have been right with their policy of keeping 2t motorcycles in their catalogs. Among enduro fans we could say that 50% opt for valves and the other half for the mixture… And if we go to extreme enduro we could say that 95% of the market is taken up by 2t. KTM, Husky, Sherco, Beta, TM and Gas Gas They have not only kept models with this mechanics in their ranges but have also been in charge of evolving them to become highly competitive.

However, in the Japanese industry they have focused on evolving their 4t, leaving aside their 2t models. At the technological level they take the cake and both their 250 and 450 models are polished to the extreme and are still the favorites in the American market, especially in their mx range. What if they bet on the 300 2t?

Kawasaki KDX250 2T

These models that we show you here would be the dream of more than one hardener. Japanese technology and reliability with two-stroke injection mechanics … One of the passions that would undoubtedly raise the most passions would be what we have baptized as CR300X that takes advantage of the aluminum chassis of the CRF to house a powerful 2t engine of 300 cc and electronic injectionPresumably it could incorporate some of the technology that was leaked a few months ago from a patent for a new Honda 2t engine. Something similar to what you can see in the KDX or in the WR 300

Yamaha reacts …

However, it seems that the popular clamor has stirred something in Japan and a few weeks ago its first 2t model of the modern era was presented. It’s about the Yamaha WR250 2 stroke, an evolution of the successful motocross YZ250 thanks to the close collaboration between Yamaha and MOTO SPA. Following the introduction of the YZ250FX cross-country model to the North American market in 2015, a great deal of excitement was generated worldwide and many fans awaited its arrival in Europe. Now it is finally a reality and we will be able to enjoy it in 2016. It will be available at official brand dealers.

The 700 2t engines from Maico and Zabel Motor

We have started this article talking about the wild and extinct 500 2t. Well, if you thought that those engines are the most beast you can imagine, you are wrong. Until three years ago it was possible to acquire a Maico with an engine up to 700 cc 2t. A group of American investors rescued the brand and set out to offer the motorcycle to its customers the lightest and most powerful motorcycle ever created. Under the name of the emblematic Maico they brought out a very limited series of units on the market that were sold under strict orders. Very few reached their end customers and eventually the company quietly disbanded leaving many of their customers with long teeth. Some specialized magazines in the US did test those 380, 500, 620 and 700 cc 2t engines … the latter was almost 90 hp.

Maico 700

However today it is Zabel Motor the only company that reliably supplies 700 2t engines to his clients. The vast majority are for use in sidecross that are still competing internationally. To be able to propel these devices through the air requires an immediate and brutal thrust that only an engine of these characteristics can provide without weighing down excessive weight. The German house puts this propellant in your house for about 2,000 euros. Do you dare to adapt it?

To dream or not to dream …

It is clear that the passion for 2t is more alive than ever. Brands know this and in Europe they are very clear about it as their products evolve more and more. Now all that remains is for Japan to react and make us dream again by resurrecting those mythical beasts …

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