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turn your Zero into something exclusive

30 mayo, 2021
edge 3 4 front

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After the appearance of the new Zero Motorcycles SR / F, a fast but affordable electric motorcycle from the well-known Californian manufacturer, the Italian brand E-Racer Motorcycle has put together a couple of handcrafted kits to customize and enhance this bike.

The E-Racer Edge part of the SR / F to create a beautiful café racer, changing the elements of the original Zero bodywork and giving it other handmade ones, as well as a leather seat.

edge back saddle

The multi-tube chassis and the fork inverted with the clamps are maintained JJuan radial anchoring, but the discs become lobed or ‘wave’, while behind a sophisticated Showa damper, adjustable at high and low speed.

edge airtender

The small LED headlight takes over the functions of position, low beam and high beam, while a pair of LED strips act as daylight.

edge 3 4 headlight

The bike has 110 hp of power and autonomy that reaches the 259 km in the city and 132 km on the highway.

Multifunctional sound

The E-Racer Edge incorporates an E-Racer system Audio-Forceback
(E-RAF) that generates low and high frequency sound waves. The low frequencies serve to alert the Edge’s arrival from afar, since the low frequencies are transmitted at a great distance, and the high frequencies serve to warn when the motorcycle is closer.

edge 3 4

The sound system also changes from low frequency to high frequency depending on the speed. This gives the driver a sportier feel.

And an electric scrambler

rugged 3 4 front

The other model that E-Racer proposes is the E-Racer Rugged Mark 2, based on Zero FXS. This neo-scrambler uses ‘off’ wheels and its long seat is designed to carry up to 3 people (?).

Its intended function is that of an auxiliary motorbike, even to carry on yachts or boats to be able to move with it along the dock or access the towns from the boat.

Under this long seat there is space for a rain suit or charger.

rugged 4 4 back

Its benefits, although more than sufficient (46 hp), are clearly inferior to those of the Edge.

Both motorcycles can be obtained on request as a reversible kit, at a price of € 6,000 each kit, motorcycle apart, in

EDGE datasheet:

POWER: 110 CV (82 kW)


TOP SPEED: 200 km / h

CHARGING TIME: 1h (95% charged)

RANGE: City: 259 km / Highway (at an average of 113 km / h): 132 km

WEIGHT: 220 Kg

BODYWORK: Kevlar and carbon fiber, 3D printed nylon, handcrafted seat in eco-leather and Alcantara

MOTOR TYPE: Z-Force 75-10 permanent magnet AC motor

TRANSMISSION: direct without clutch

BATTERY: 14.4 kWh


KIT PRICE: € 6,000 (motorcycle separate)

RUGGED Mark 2 Datasheet:

POWER: 46 CV (34 kW)


MAXIMUM SPEED 137 km / h

CHARGING TIME: 1.3 hours (95% charged)

AUTONOMY: City: 161 km / Highway: (at an average of 113 km / h): 64 km

WEIGHT: 136 Kg

BODY: Kevlar and carbon fiber, 3D printed nylon, seat in eco-leather and Alcantara with stitching

KIT PRICE: € 6,000 (motorcycle separate)

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