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Types of motorcycle boots: choose the most suitable ones

24 mayo, 2021
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The motorcycle touring boots They are designed to travel, their design is taken into account to offer protection and comfort for long periods of time, and ease of movement if we have to walk with them.

Good tourist boots they should include some waterproof membrane to keep our feet dry in the event of rain, in addition to being made of leather and having high-resistance materials.
They are usually high-top boots, which in addition to the foot and ankle also protect the shin, and you will appreciate that they are easy to put on and have a non-slip sole.

Sport motorcycle boots

motorcycle sports boots

The sports, sport or racing motorcycle boots they offer a sophisticated technical level. They are models capable of offering high performance, from which much comfort cannot be demanded but materials that offer the highest levels of protection.

They have reinforcements and protections in key points of the foot, ankle and shin, with rigid elements that prevent twisting, so its design is oriented to use on the motorcycle, not to walk with them. Some models have narrow shafts to be hidden inside the jumpsuit.

Being intended to be used in sports motorcycles, both on the road and on the track, many models offer parts that can be replaced from wearing against the asphalt.

Classic or custom motorcycle boots

custom motorcycle boots

This type of boots, with a more classic cut, are the most demanded by custom motorcycle users, where aesthetics undoubtedly have an important weight.

The majority and as a general rule are boots made of leather, high-top, with a sober design and without specific protections, so that comfort and image are in some cases more important than safety.

They are boots that they were not expressly born as motorcycle boots, but time and fashions have led many equipment brands to develop specific models to accompany custom motorcycle models.

Motorcycle trail boots

motorcycle trail boots

The trail type boots they were born as a hybrid between touring boots and offroad boots. Their appearance is relatively recent and they arose thanks to the rise of trail bikes, which are now very widespread in the market.

They allow a mixed use both on the road and in the field, They try to offer the comfort of touring boots and the protections of offroad boots, but they are stiffer and safer than touring boots while at the same time being more comfortable and flexible than offroad boots, so they are halfway between them.

They are generally made of leather, offer a particularly high shaft and have specific protections. Many offer some waterproof membrane and the enough comfort to endure long trips, both sitting and standing on the footrests of the motorcycle.

Offroad motorcycle boots

offroad motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots designed for offroad practice are, without a doubt, those that offer a higher degree of security, but they are also the most uncomfortable and the heaviest of all. They are a fundamental part of the equipment for motocross and enduro.

Are thought to carry out the practice of enduro, motocross or supermotard, disciplines in which good boats capable of withstanding hard blows are essential. They are made of plastic, leather and high-resistance materials, with high shafts and safety closures.

Its objective is to guarantee the safety of our foot, ankle and shin even when subjecting them to great impacts. The soles are totally rigid to be able to withstand long days standing on the footrests of the motorcycle, so here flexibility is conspicuous by its absence.

Trial motorcycle boots

motorcycle trial boots

They may look like offroad boots, but they are actually much more flexible and lighter boots than the previous ones. They are designed for the practice of trials, where touch and balance are essential, so they are softer and more comfortable than offroad.

They are usually made of leather, they are designed to allow good mobility and its use will be standing almost entirely. They do not usually include too many protections so that the control of the motorcycle is not affected.

They are a very specific type of boots So not many brands include them in their catalogs, you will find them in offroad specialty firms.

Urban motorcycle boots

urban motorcycle boots

This type of boots not long ago made their appearance on the market. They are an adaptation of everyday urban footwear for use on a motorcycle or scooter, so in general it is a type of boot intended to be used in the city.

They are boots especially light and comfortable, valid for doing daily life without noticing them, but offering extra security if we compare them to ordinary footwear. They have protections, usually cover the ankle and reinforce the area of ​​the gear lever to better withstand wear and tear.

There are designs for all tastes, from discreet to go unnoticed to sporty to achieve the opposite effect, and the soles are usually soft and flexible to be able to walk comfortably with them.

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