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TYPES OF MOTORCYCLES-Part01 – Passion Biker

24 mayo, 2021
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What type of motorcycle will be the ideal one to accompany us on our adventures?

It depends a lot on the personality, tastes and the purpose of use that each of us give it, that is why it is important to know at least the basics of the types of motorcycles that exist on the market.

If we want to start in the world of motorcycles, do not worry, because there is the perfect companion for each biker, it is only a matter of discovering which is ours.

There are many types of motorcycles so in order not to saturate ourselves with information and digest the data little by little, we are going to go into parts. Today we will see the types of motorcycles that are mainly created to compete on off-road or off-road circuits.


Motorcycles designed for big jumps and arid terrain difficult to travel, they are field motorcycles or non-urban areas, that is, if the purpose is to go to work every day on a motorcycle, this is NOT your ideal option.

It has high seats since they are almost always handled standing up, it has long and soft suspensions, knobby wheels to ensure grip and very high seats, it also has a very powerful engine (2T or 4T), since it is used for competitions.



They are also motorcycles to compete with characteristics very similar to motocross, with modifications in suspensions, gearbox and ignition with light output. Enduro bikes are designed to fully enjoy off-road.



Derived directly from Enduro bikes, what differentiates them is the type of wheels that allow them to compete both on the field and on asphalt.



As their name says, they are motorcycles manufactured to compete in motorcycling trials where the objective is to overcome different obstacles, they are very light, they are always handled standing up so they do not need a seat.



Double purpose or Trail. This motorcycle is recommended for trips where the combination of asphalt tracks and field routes is expected since it is an off-road motorcycle. They are very comfortable to drive.


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