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UberMOTO – Passion Biker

25 mayo, 2021
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Uber launches its motorcycle service

UberMOTO in Bangkok

For the people in Bangkok the company Uber offers motorcycle services for the first time, this began on February 24, 2016 as a pilot program. This service is focused on cities where traffic is severely congested, so hopefully it will be in Mexico City soon.

If you are in Bangkok, the service is available through the Uber app and works the same as the car service. Each motorcycle rider who registers as a driver is previously verified as is a car driver and they are required to bring a helmet for the passenger. The cost for this modality can be paid in cash or by card (through the app).

Uber says it chose Bangkok because motorcycles are a very popular means of transportation in that country and due to traffic problems in the city, currently the speed of a circulating car can reach up to 50 16 Km / hrThis makes the average time it takes people to commute to 120 minutes a day.

This initiative will help raise awareness in motorcycle riding, especially in the use of helmets; To promote this new service, Uber will donate helmets to students and adult motorcyclists in that community, to encourage the habit of wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle.



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