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Vertigo Combat Vertical 2019 | Moto1Pro

25 mayo, 2021
vertigo vertical 2019 trial 1

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Vertigo renews its trial bike, the Combat Vertical 2019, with aesthetic and technical touch-ups, fruit of the experience of Dougie lampkin that with this bike he has already achieved four victories in the Scottish Six Days of Trial. Vertigo is still one of the most exclusive motorcycles on the market and will hit stores in the last weeks of July. There is a very exclusive Dougie Lampkin Replica version.

The Vertigo Combat Vertical is one of the lightest trials bikes on the market, only 69 kilos. One of its keys and why it stands out from the rest lies in its multitubular chassis that distributes the strengths and torsion to which the trialeras are subjected well. The motor, two-stroke, water-cooled, has a small crankcase and an electronic control unit manufactured by GET that allows users to modify the ignition curve. The control of the switchboard is carried out through Bluetooth and thanks to an application that we can download to our mobile phone in an instant we can configure the propeller.

The front suspension It is an aluminum Tech with black finishes. Behind we have another of the exclusive details of Vertigo, such as a very exclusive suspension system with a Reiger element with rebound regulator and a linear suspension linkage system.

The price of the Vertigo Combat Vertical is 7,600 euros.

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