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Vespa Elettrica L3, now for A1 and B licenses

25 mayo, 2021
vespa elettrica l3 2

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Frete the Vespa Elettrica L1, the new L3 has a battery of similar size and weight, to which its internal components have been changed in order to obtain a higher continuous speed. Some advancements in electric motor control software have also been applied to it. Finally, the final development of the motorcycle has been lengthened to reach a higher speed but without losing performance in acceleration at the start.

If you look at the aesthetic details of the Vespa Elettrica L1 and L3, the latter has some different aesthetic details as they are the double spring of the front shock absorber painted in red, the same color that we see in the friezes of the cover of the power unit and in the “Elettrica” ​​plate.

The Vespa Elettrica L3 engine offers a continuous power of 3.6 kW and a maximum power of 4 kW, with an engine that produces a torque figure of 200 Nm.

The autonomy of the electric scooter reaches 100 kilometers thanks to a lithium-ion battery and an efficient energy recovery system. The full recharging time of the scooter is four hours with a 220 volt outlet. The battery guarantees a total of 1,000 charge cycles that could be equated with a longevity of between 50 and 70,000 kilometers, more or less 10 years of urban operation. An electric scooter is maintenance-free, regardless of tire and brake wear.

Vespa Elettrica L3

Vespa MIA connection system

As in the rest of the Vespa range, the Elettrica version has a Vespa MIA connection system. that allows us to connect our electronic device to the scooter and manage it through the 4-color TFT screen on its dashboard. Through this system we can answer calls, play music or use an intercom system. We will also keep information on our routes and on the use of the vehicle.

The headlight with LED technology and the taillights, give Vespa Elettrica a distinct personality, which adopts generous 12-inch aluminum alloy wheels at the front and 11-inch at the rear. Comfort benefits from a seat made of a material capable of guaranteeing maximum comfort for the driver and passenger and conferring perfect ergonomics. The remote control key integrates the functions of the “Biker Find” (turn indicator lights) and the opening of the compartment under the seat, while inside the drawer, in the recess behind the shield, there is the USB socket, always useful for charging. smartphones or other mobile devices.

You will find the Vespa Elettrica L3 in three colors: Electric Blue, Chrome and Deep Black. You also have a wide range of accessories and accessories for clothing and protectors, such as a helmet to match the color of our electric scooter.

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