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VIDEO – First steps in Enduro, with Máximo Sant

24 mayo, 2021
primeros pasos en el enduro 1

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I want to start enduro. I want to get off the asphalt and try the field. But since I have never encouraged get out of my comfort zone and I consider this to be a very important step, I have made an appointment with Maximum Sant to clarify all my doubts in relation to this sport. I find it very interesting know its beginnings, which were a bit late, but perfect for those who, like me, have a few years behind us. In addition, his experience in the Off Road will pave the way for me to take those first steps: training to follow, difficulties that we may encounter, basic equipment, choice of motorcycle, legal aspects, set-up of the motorcycle, tricks to beginners …

If you are one of the brave who, like me, wants to start enduro, get comfortable and enjoy this MasterClass of Máximo Sant.

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