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VIDEO: Kenyan bikers identify the driver who ran over Charly Sinewan

24 mayo, 2021
charly sinewan kenia

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A few months ago, the traveler Charly sinewan uploaded this video to teach his followers that it is very dangerous to drive on a Kenyan road, since at the first change you can find a truck passing in the opposite direction And, whether you want to or not, you must step aside or move off the shoulder if you do not want to be run over. As you can see in the video, it is common and you must take it into account since you also drive on that road at speeds greater than 100 km / h.

‘So much does the jug go to the fountain’ … that in the end, a car is hit by breaking a suitcase and throwing it to the ground, luckily without serious consequences. And the driver leaves without stopping!

Well, this video outraged many of the followers. So much so that it came to kenyan bikers that they got down to work to find the culprit. Finally, they have managed to find and identify the driver of the car. In the video you can see perfectly the make, model, color and, above all, the license plate of the car.

The bikers investigated through some websites and have even found the social media profile of the runaway driver. According to La Vanguardia, the good of Charly sinewan he is surprised by the development of the story and has to decide whether to report it or not, something that can disrupt his travel plans. What would you do? Would you report or do you think it is something so common in that country that it will be useless?

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