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Viñales prepares his return to Suzuki

25 mayo, 2021
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Maverick Viñales he has in his hand to be a Suzuki rider again from the 2021 season of MotoGP. From the beginning of the past San Marino Grand Prix, the rumors that already sounded in summer by the paddock took an unusual force. Even in the live broadcast of Dazn, the always weighted technical analyst Ricard Jové echoed this possibility, while commenting on the free practice on Friday morning with Carles Pérez. As Jové pointed out, there is still more than a year left and anything can happen; but I want to explain the keys that lead to the situation being as it is, at a key moment of the season: just before the Asian-oceanic tour.

To begin with, we have the very dynamics of MotoGP. It is not that the market reactivates before its time: it is that it never stops. Everyone talks to everyone, all the time. Every weekend appointment, and especially on long trips to the other side of the world, the conversations between the “paddock family” flow like communicating vessels. What is happening in recent times is that these rivers of communication are overflowing before due to the impatience of the protagonists (both drivers and team leaders) and with the invaluable help of the most powerful social network that has ever been in the world: the WhatsApp. It’s like global warming (blowouts included) of the “Planet MotoGP”But much more entertaining and certainly less devastating than a marching hurricane from the Caribbean or a Cold Drop from the Mediterranean. Let’s get to the point.

The main key is that in 2021 Suzuki he will have his second team on the track. And it will not be a satellite to use; but of a “black leg” structure that will be controlled one hundred percent by Hamamatsu in the figure of its strong man, Davide brivio. They even have the sponsor in the chamber already Gresini on the pole of the project: they want to jump to victory, twenty years later. With those wickers, plus the probable movements of Joan Mir (same manager as Viñales) and Alex Rins towards HRC, Ducati or KTM, Brivio is in a position to secure a leadership position for the pupil he never wanted to get rid of. And that’s already done: the (verbal) offer exists.

Maverick Viñales is more fed up with Yamaha that what would supposedly be Jorge Lorenzo from Sling (I do not believe it) as they are counting out there. The Spaniard has achieved the last victories for Iwata, but he sees how his bosses are more aware of the future of a forty-year-old Italian and the expectations of a twenty-year-old French. He knows that he has lost credit in there, that he is considered a bubble that deflated long ago and that he would have to win seven races in a row (or twelve, as his current number) to relight a light in the removable office of Lin jarvis; a hospitality where the court of the Pharaoh of Tavullia does not stop making noise. That many of them are very close to me, be careful: I am only exposing how the pilot feels who has been living with that environment for three seasons.

This same weekend has been devastating: you make pole on Saturday but in your box they only talk about the storm in a glass of water of Márquez and Rossi. And you do the podium on Sunday but all the praise goes to the second and fourth, who are loudly asked to renew two more years without complexes. Everything revolves around the unattainable figure of Valentino rossi and any illusion unrelated to # 46 goes through praising Fabio Quartararo. Something, I insist, that seems normal to me. In the same way that I see totally logical that Maverick can’t take it anymore and has been playing his cards for a while.

Valentino rossi He has said that he will wait five or six races to make a decision, in 2020. Fabio Quartararo He will go up to the official team in the 21st or he will go to Honda, Ducati or KTM winning a silver plate: Jarvis knows it and that is why he ties him up as best he can; in addition to rescuing Zarco from a tester, for what might happen … and Suzuki it is in his particular bet to grow and win. That is why the Viñales movement fits perfectly; Returning to a motorcycle that not only knows, but already knows (like everyone else, beware: Márquez, Rossi and Lorenzo also know) that it is up for victory.

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