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23 mayo, 2021
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Although in its first year it was difficult for the Vespa to position itself in the market, the perseverance, expertise and security of Enrico Piaggio a year later, the Vespa was fully accepted and even more loved by the same public, which initially reflected a certain resistance. The Vespa became an icon and was part of a society that not only liked it, but also reflected a lifestyle worthy of the consequences that a Second World War can leave.

An important role in achieving this positioning and acceptance was of course the advertising world with everything that was developed around this new product. The advertising that was created was kind enough to reflect the atmosphere of the time and imply, (in an aspirational way), that the Vespa was the best alternative that existed at the time to meet the needs of practical and economical transport.

It is easy to recognize some of the vintage posters created to promote a Vespa and I can say that many of them are really beautiful. It must be because they really reflect the desire of people to get out of that post-war environment in which the Scooter emerged. It was a time when women became stronger and began to be part of the picture in motorcycling film in a practical, agile but elegant way.

Today there is still a whole culture that, in a cult way, reflects a clear taste for the Scooter in the style of 1946, although today the reasons for this preference are rather reasons of aesthetics and style.

Although it seems pretentious, we can say that the Vespa has been immortalized in the history of both industrial and advertising design and therefore in everyone’s memory.

Here is a small sample of beautiful posters that were published a few years ago to advertise the Vespa.

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