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We already have Spanish Motocross Champions 2018!

25 mayo, 2021
Campeones de Espana de Motocross 2018 1

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The facilities of MotorLand Aragon were the final stage that they proclaimed to the Motocross Spanish Champions 2018.

Gamboa, García, Mena, Álvarez, Vico and Lasheras they went home with the title under their arms, on a regular speed track that was making its debut in the discipline.

Last match of the 2018 Spanish Motocross Championship

The unstable autumn weather did their thing during Saturday’s session, forcing them to suspend the timed practice and the afternoon scheduled sessions of the MXFemenino and MX65 categories.

In Sub18, David Braceras, Salvador Ubach and Oriol Oliver were the fastest in the chronos. However, the first round was taken by Guillem Farrés, followed by Gamboa and Oliver.

Motocross Spanish Champions 2018_6

Photographs: Carlos Calderón

Very different was the second sleeve, in which the organization sanctioned 15 pilots for not moderating speed after an accident. In this case the first three were Ubach, Oliver and Farrés, leaving Guillen Farrés, Oriol Oliver and Salvador Ubach on the podium.

Despite not being on the podium of this last test, Alex Gamboa had already been proclaimed Champion of Spain in the MXSub18 category in Montearagón.

Women’s Motocross

In the category MXFemenino was Myriam Mena, who was fighting for the title, who took the qualifying that had to be held on Sunday.

Motocross Spanish Champions 2018_5

Photographs: Carlos Calderón

However, the protagonist of the first manga was Oihana Albizuri, leaving Mena second and Adelina Ramírez third.

But things changed in the second set, with Mena leading the session from the beginning, climbing to the top of the podium followed by Albizuri and Carolina Benito, and taking the title.

Going for the MX65 title

The last round of the MX65 category was hard fought, in which Elías Escandell, Francisco García and Joel Cañadas were the fastest in the qualifying.

In the first heat, García led all laps and crossed the finish line in first place followed by Escandell and Salvador Pérez.

However, it was Escandell who led a second round in which García had to settle for third place, behind Carlos Prat.

Finally, at Elías Escandell, Francisco García and Salvador Pérez climbed the podium, in a result that gave the title to Francisco García.

Motocross Masters

Raúl Álvarez, Javi García Vico and Antonio Villegas led the MXMáster category times.

In fact, Raúl Álvarez was the absolute dominator of the appointment in MotorLand also achieving victory in both sleeves.

In the first sleeve, Vico and Ramón Brucart crossed the finish line in second and third place, while in the second sleeve were Villegas and Brucart.

After the appointment, Raul Alvarez it was proclaimed Spanish Motocross Champion 2018 in the category MXMaster35, while Javi García Vico achieved the MXMáster40 title Y Oscar Lasheras won the MXMáster50.

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