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Weekly survey. “Chinese” motorcycles Yes or no?

23 mayo, 2021
encuesta motos chinas 2

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They are motorcycles that they start from 50 cc and reach 650 cc and that visually they are very showy since they have very current designs. For many, these bikes are a great front door to fulfill the dream of having your own motorcycle. For others, the quality of the materials over time raises serious doubts when acquiring a motorcycle of these characteristics or saving to buy a motorcycle from a more established brand.

We will not deny that they have entered through the big door and that every day we can see more units on the roads of the world. Their sales are increasing year after year and that is a sign that they are filling a very large gap that had yet to be filled. That is why today we want to open a survey and ask you if you are in favor of these oriental bikes or not and why.

Go ahead and participate. Remember that the best answers will be published next week on the Moto1Pro website.

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