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24 mayo, 2021
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There is a saying that says: “Nobody learns from someone else’s head.” It may be true, some may be the exception, I hope you are one of the second, but if not, learning on your own also has its positive side.

Many believe that by riding a motorcycle we are exposed to many accidents happening to us, I actually prefer to think that riding a motorcycle gives us the opportunity to learn many things that not only serve us for motorcycling, but can be applied in the daily life. But it is true that a motorcyclist suddenly has to live several experiences, the important thing about living these experiences is what is learned from them. And that’s really the point of this post, let’s talk a bit about what a biker learns from accidents.

A biker learns that we are not made of steel, nor do we have a divine protective shield that prevents accidents or unpleasant things from happening to us, a biker learns from the first time that we are mere mortals, of flesh and blood, like any other another individual, neither more nor less and that the best way to prevent an accident is to keep your feet on the ground, be aware that “It won’t happen to me” it does not exist, because we are not gods and anyone who exposes himself and commits recklessness is subject to suffer the consequences.

A biker learns that on this planet there are people of all kinds, good and not so good and that is why we must always be alert because it is not always enough for us to do things well, unfortunately sometimes we have to be part of the consequences of the actions of others and how we cannot control what others do, we better depend on what we can do, which is to handle life always on the defensive, without assuming or taking for granted that the other is going to do or no such thing. Making the decision of the action yourself, on your own, will save you a lot of headaches.

A biker knows that you never know everything, no matter how much experience you have in driving a motorcycle and no matter how much you have learned from it, there will always be something new to learn in life, and even supposing that you know “everything”, that “everything »You can always improve, so it is better to behave with humility and we are able to accept that things do not always work out under our concept of “perfect”.

And finally a biker knows how to thank, because if we can be aware of all this that we have talked about throughout the post, we are aware of how very lucky human beings we are in this life, not only for knowing the pleasure of riding a motorcycle, (which is priceless), if not because despite how exposed we are, we return home every day full of more and more experience and wisdom.

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Happy ride bikers!

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