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23 mayo, 2021
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During the course of a trip, a biker can learn many technical things, skills and abilities, learn to live together, share and even learn geography. The great thing about a motorcycle trip is that it comes in an all-inclusive package, because there is also the emotional part, the deepest part of a biker that grows with each experience, the one that teaches us to appreciate the really beautiful things in life, the ones that were already there and we just forgot.

This is a bit of what a biker learns on the road:

1.- Once a biker starts his motorcycle trip, he understands that there may be different paths, but that the trip of his life will last forever; what, once it has started, you will no longer be able to stop.


two.- Discover that the best perfume in the world does not come from the most expensive European brand, the best perfume is the one that Mother Earth sprinkles on when the rain falls on the earth.


3.- A biker develops the ability to dream and create your own world while on the road.


4.- Learn that no matter how adverse the road may turn, there will always be a way out and you will find it, because no matter what, at home there is someone waiting for us and we are going to return.


5.- What a biker learns is that if you start your way with the day the reward comes with the dawn, That first light of day before the sun comes up


6.- In A trip a biker realizes that the road is perfect as it is, clean and free of added or superfluous things, you do not need more.


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