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25 mayo, 2021
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«Anti-lock Braking System», in Spanish, anti-lock braking system. As its name says, it is an “intelligent” system that, thanks to technological advances, can be implemented in most vehicles in order to prevent the wheels of a motorcycle from locking in the event that the need for emergent braking arises. and abrupt.

When rolling on the road or any other type of route, it is likely that we will suddenly come across an obstacle and we will find ourselves with the need to brake unexpectedly, in this type of situation it is to be expected that on a motorcycle that does not have a brake system. ABS braking we run into the problem that the rim locks up and as a consequence stops turning, immediately afterwards comes the skid, as the wheels lose their adherence to the asphalt, the fall is usually the most common consequence.

The ABS system manages to prevent this from happening, that is why today it is vital that vehicles have this system.

This system has sensors that are able to determine and implement the required and optimal pressure to automatically release a blocked tire as quickly as possible and recover its braking capacity without, in this case, the motorcycle skidding.

In a previous article we talked about how to brake without ABS, since practically this system does the maneuvers that an experienced pilot does, but in a much more precise and automatic way and without the pressure of the nerve or the emotions that can block a human pilot.

This video does a test and demonstration of braking with and without ABS

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