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What does it feel like to go over 300 km / h?

24 mayo, 2021
Moto corriendo e

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Perhaps it is the dream of most of us, at least once in life to go at speeds where we feel excited and fearful at the same time, but can we really imagine what it feels like? will there be any way to describe the feeling? maybe we can get an idea.

Imagine that you are going on a road, it is an endless straight and there are no obstacles in sight, you are increasing your speed and when you reach 150 you wonder if it would be possible to reach the 300 km / h that your speedometer promises, you are increasing the speed on your motorcycle and you begin to feel the imperfections of the pavement more markedly, you feel the pressure of the air pushing your head and shoulders back and you are forced to hug your motorcycle more tightly and keep your head bowed, you feel the blow of insects, dust and stones also if you have bad luck in your helmet, you can see things falling behind more and more quickly and feel the effect of tunnel vision (or kinetic field of vision) which is simply the feeling of losing focus of things that are not in the center of your field of vision, fortunately this effect decreases as you get used to the speed, but you are already about 250 km / h, at this point you cannot turn to another place other than the front Without being afraid of the force of the wind hitting your helmet, if you raise your head and the air gets between you and your motorcycle, you could fly away and that scares you. . . then imagine a small unevenness on the road, at this speed the impulse will raise at least the front tire of your motorcycle a few centimeters causing an involuntary wheelie. . . maybe it’s time to slow down. . . or maybe not, there is so little left and you can boast to your friends that you reached 300 !!!, and there it is, your accelerator says 299 km / h, what? just there ? yes, it is the limit established in most motorcycles, you get disappointed and angry, damn speed governors and damn regulations !!!, so you start to slow down, you get back to a miserable 80, but. . . You feel like you’re stopped, you’re in superhuman mode, it’s strange, everything looks slow, but you like it.

That is the feeling that reaching 299 km / h brings

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