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24 mayo, 2021

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His dream has always been to have a motorcycle. When they were little they would see the rebels of the city go by on their Harley and a thought balloon would appear above their head that said: “Someday I’ll have one of those”. Finally they are older, they work and for 5 years they have been making the piggy bank to be able to buy the motorcycle of their dreams.

Gentlemen, take your precautions before deciding. Motorcycles like women, you have to know how to choose them, they may get carried away by impulse and make decisions that they may later regret. It is important to ask ourselves a couple of questions before choosing the right one and those questions are: WHAT FOR? AND BECAUSE? I’M GOING TO BUY A MOTORCYCLE.

Why am I going to buy a motorcycle? Perhaps the answer is to ride in mud and rough terrain; From there you already have the first filter and you know that then maybe you are looking for an Enduro. Or it may be that you just want it to move around the city with greater agility and a Scooter may be the ideal one.

The other question would be Why am I going to buy a motorcycle? Because I can. No? .. haha, because I like them, because they make me happy, because nothing makes me feel as free as going out to film. Well, that’s where the biker heart comes in and it’s just what we need to balance the decision, (head and heart). Not everything can be pure reasoning, you also have to put feeling into it. There is always one that clicks you and you know that that is the correct one.

Based on that balance, let’s choose the ideal motorcycle, let’s not get carried away by distractors like the following.

It is very easy to always fall with the prettiest, who does not want the prettiest? Keep your head cool and ask yourself the initial question again. Why are you going to buy a motorcycle? If the answer is to have it on display and contemplate how beautiful it looks in the garage of your house, then yes, going for the most beautiful is your option, but what if you are actually spending your life savings on a motorcycle of An exhibition that you will not be able to take for a run in the city or on the road or worse, that you cannot afford to maintain it. It is well worth thinking twice before deciding whether the prettiest is the most suitable.

Note: You don’t have to buy the ugliest one either.

Sometimes the economic aspect affects us too much and we usually make a purchase based on that, a good investment does not always mean buying the cheapest, sometimes to save a little money we dispense with more important aspects such as safety, for example a motorcycle with ABS brakes you can save us from many unpleasant situations that are well worth paying for. In addition, there is also the option of buying a used motorcycle, there are several on the market that offer a good guarantee.

Another factor that can hook us is wanting to buy the fastest one, gentlemen, are you really going to compare a motorcycle to compete in speed races? Between the traffic lights, the pedestrian crossing and the city traffic, it is doubtful, or suppose they hit the road. Every once in a while? Every other weekend on the curvy road? For that case there are other options that work better for them.

It is not at all the intention to discourage them, on the contrary, it is about presenting tools that help them clear up important doubts, so that in the end the motorcycle they buy is really the motorcycle that fulfills that fantasy that they created in their mind the day they they set themselves the goal of buying the motorcycle of their dreams.

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