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23 mayo, 2021
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A biker or motorcycle club (CM) is a subculture related around the motorcycling non-sports, a group of individuals associated by sharing a main and mutual interest in the motorcycles and activities related to these.

A member of a motorcycle club is aware that belonging to an MC requires a high level of commitment, that mutual support is the foundation of the community and self-discipline the constant ingredient that keeps the structure strong. That belonging to an MC is a 24-hour commitment, not just from the moment you meet with the rest of the club. In short it is a lifestyle, for which he strove; A biker usually invested a lot of time, dedication and effort before being able to be an official part of a Club and have the honor of wearing the patch on his vest. As a reward, a member of an MC knows that he has the support and backing of all the bikers of the club to which he belongs.

A Motorcycle Club is generally well organized and structured. It has a board of directors and each member of it is very clear about their role and the commitment that belonging to it entails.

Structure of a CM

Officers or Board of Directors:

It is the basic structure of the Club, made up of the President, V-President, Sergeant at Arms or Chief of Security, Secretary, Treasurer and Captain of the Highway.


They are all members of the community, to get here they have already gone through an acceptance process and now they have the honor, benefits and obligations.

Club House:

In general, a CM has a base where all the meetings are held to discuss and reach agreements on all the activities that the club carries out. The attendance and participation of all the members is important, the opinion of all is important and counts.


In the case of some motorcycle clubs that are spread over various areas, there is a chapter led by a president in each of them.


It is the candidate to be a member of the club, which is going through a period and procedure in which it must meet and cover all the requirements of the already members. At this level they do not yet have all the rights or benefits, nor can they attend clubhouse meetings.


Some CMs may have a pre-lead stage. It is where the supporter presents all the members of the club before being an applicant.


They are not necessarily members of the club but if they attend the events and contribute to the activities, sometimes the contribution can be economical.


Reference: «biker culture»

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