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What is Chattering and Shimmie and how to avoid it on your motorcycle

25 mayo, 2021
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Today we want to share with you two concepts widely used in the world of motorcycles, the Chattering and the Shimmie, what causes your motorcycle and how you can avoid it.

Chattering: a vibration effect on the front axle during the braking and cornering phases of a motorcycle, a resonance wave that is produced between the different components of the front suspension and the tire.

Prior to get in In the complicated part, it helps to know that chattering comes from chatter, which in Spanish means “chatter” (what we do with our teeth when we are cold).
As they say, it is a vibration that appears at the moment of braking and entry to curve (not to be confused with the bouncing of the rear wheel).

At that moment, a resonance wave is generated in the damping and brake components, and in the tire carcass that produces the aforementioned vibration with a phase shift between that produced in the damping and the brakes, and that produced in the carcass. of the tire.

Lately, this problem has been accentuated due to the fact that the tires are of higher quality every time, which have forced the casings to be more robust to avoid excessive deformation (remember that the tire itself offers damping to the motorcycle, deforming when it makes contact in the sides).


Veteran driver Mick Grant (now retired) once said: “The Chatter is produced mainly in conditions of good grip and a lot of weight.”

The way to avoid this is to be careful when riding your motorcycle.

On the other hand the Shimmie, They are lashes on the handlebars that occur when accelerating hard, especially when exiting slow curves in low gears, and can be hidden with a steering damper and is more noticeable on sports bikes with very aggressive geometries.

The first thing you should know is that a shimmie It occurs, fundamentally, when there is an excessively closed steering, a too light front end, or a bad combination of tires.

It is not a fact that affects all makes and models equally and that depends on many factors that you must take into account.

This effect occurs in acceleration and to correct it it is very important that you load weight in front.

The problem arises because the wheel has inertia and when the forces disappear, the wheels continue to have oscillations that cannot be stopped by our arms, since they are not rigid. When the force is very great, these oscillations can be maintained until the friction of the steering, the air and the wheel with the asphalt are able to slow them down.

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