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What should I carry in my enduro fanny pack and / or backpack?

25 mayo, 2021
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In the first list we have detailed what we consider to be the minimum we should carry, to which the other lists can be added depending on the type of enduro we are going to do:

Basic material

This list details the minimum we should take when we go out to the field, regardless of the type of enduro it is:

– Handles and keys to change them
– Fine wire
– Pliers
– Flanges
– Duct tape / electrical tape
– Chain link
– Spark plug plus spark plug wrench
-more important in Q2-
– Metal repair paste –Cold welding-: The most important use we can give it is if we make a crack in the crankcase. Although if the hole is deep and metal parts have fallen into the interior, it is better to push or ask for transport.
– Rope or belt to transport motorcycles

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Previous list + Tool and basic spare part

This list, to which we must add the articles from the previous list, is more useful for races, longer or higher-level routes or when we go on routes far away from urban areas:

– Most common keys and sockets on your motorcycle: It can be a T-type wrench with sockets, which are usually 8, 10, 12, 13 -the tool kit that comes with your motorcycles usually has everything you need-
– Double screwdriver -star and plane-
– Brake lever + gear lever
– Tronchacadenas
– Rag or paper
– Razor
– Keys to remove wheels:
There are some keys that are in the form of detachable and have a dual use. Here You can see a video of how to change the tires.
– Radiator repairman: It is a product that is poured directly into the radiator and plugs the leaks while the coolant is moving. It works very well depending on the size of the crack but then the entire cooling system must be cleaned well as it leaves a lot of residue.
– Sticking plaster -Much to be thankful for possible chafing and blisters-
– For punctures -If we do not carry mousse or similar-:

  • Puncture repair spray: It seldom works as most punctures in the field are from pinches that the spray is not able to seal.
  • Patches plus inflation pump: It is a very cumbersome but effective solution.
  • Cameras: Instead of repairing with patches we can take two cameras and put them new. If we do not want to carry front and rear cameras, to save space and weight we can only carry the front 21, which can also be mounted on the rear wheel in case of emergency.
  • As a point, the super reinforced chambers do not tend to get pinched if we do not go below a pressure of 0.9 BAR, although there are streaks that we can pinch several times in a row doing everything right.

Previous lists + rain

When we wait for the water to make an appearance, either because it has rained the previous days or because we hope it will rain during the motorcycle day, adding this list can be very helpful.

– Gloves: Putting on dry gloves on a cold, watery day can give you life.
– Air filter: If we do not carry it and we fall into the water or step on a puddle very quickly – in addition to doing the whole process of emptying the motorcycle– We must wait for the one we carry to dry, and also clean it in case it is water with dirt or very liquid mud.
– Brake pads: Many times with mud, the brake pads bend or practically disappear due to friction with the mud.

Food and water

On the other hand, it should not be missing “Tool and gasoline” for our body. We must always carry some liquid and some food, both so that our performance does not drop and in case we have some kind of unforeseen event and we have to spend more time in the field. On a mid-level enduro morning, at least, we should bring a liter of water and a couple of energy bars -focused on endurance sport-. But it depends on the intensity of the exercise and the hours that we are going to be on the bike. We must not skimp on this part since if it gives us a “pájara” or we run out of water it can have consequences beyond the motorcycle day. Here you can read an article by how to hydrate and another from sport Nutrition.

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Activity-focused first aid kit

It is something that we should always carry in the minimum kit but we do not usually include first aid material in our outings. A basic first care kit focused on the environment in which we are going to be is something that we will always appreciate taking. In future articles we will deal with the subject in depth.

Routes of several days, extreme or far from civilization

If we are going to spend several days with the motorcycle, or we are going to be in compromised situations away from the human being, we can add:

– Water purification tablets
– Lighter
– Thermal blanket:
They cost € 1, have multiple uses and can save our lives.
– Containers and / or tools for making gasoline transfers
– Any other tool and spare part of interest that we can think of: If we prepare for an adventure with all the letters, carrying more weight of the account and losing driving comfort can more than compensate us.

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