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What to do if your motorcycle is stolen: report, notify, search

23 mayo, 2021
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Confirm that the crane has not taken it

It may seem silly, but it is not. Did you have the motorcycle parked on the street? Was it properly parked? Was it on the sidewalk perhaps? Before you panic the first thing you have to do is confirm that your motorcycle has not been towed away. To find out, you can call the Municipal Police and they will tell you if your vehicle has been towed away. If so, even if it is a nuisance, you will only have to go to the municipal deposit, pay the withdrawal fee and recover your motorcycle. The bad news is that it is rare for a tow truck to remove a motorcycle (very badly you had to leave it parked …), so if it is not where you left it, there is a good chance that you have been the victim of a robbery.

Report the theft

As you have confirmed that your motorcycle has not been towed Go to the State Security Forces and file a complaint for the theft of your motorcycle. It is important that you do it as soon as possible because from that moment you will no longer be responsible for what another person can do with your stolen motorcycle, such as any type of infraction for which you would also have to respond.

To put this complaint first, you will need as much information about your motorcycle as possible. In addition to make, model and registration Data such as the chassis number and the engine number will be useful. The process of recovering the motorcycle, and also the subsequent process in case of recovering it, will be much easier if you have the original documentation of the vehicle with you, so leaving it stored under the seat is not a good idea.

Notify your insurance company

Once you have filed a complaint for the theft of your motorcycle it is important that you contact your insurance company and tell him what happened. You must do it before 24 hours and they will ask you for a copy of the complaint.

If in your policy you have coverage against theft, they will be able to inform you about the compensation that you have at your disposal, and if not, at least when you report it, you will cover your back against any mishap in which your motorcycle may be involved from the moment of the theft.

Do you have a GPS locator? Use it!

The use of GPS locators with which we can have our motorcycle under control at all times. Obviously thieves are not stupid and searching and disconnecting that locator will be the first thing they will do once they have the motorcycle in their possession.

But if they don’t and your motorcycle continues to emit a signal showing its location let the Police or Civil Guard know To put the search protocol into effect, for your own safety it is not recommended that you go looking for it on your own.


Share your motorcycle information

The dissemination work begins, the more people know that your motorcycle has been stolen the better. The motorcycle community is very sensitive to these things and everyone will be willing to give you a hand by sharing the news of your motorcycle theft. Use the social media, forums and websites of the segment. Provide photos of your motorcycle, all the details you can and what you can explain about the theft.

You can also visit the workshops in your city and put papers denouncing the theft of your motorcycle. Like when a kitten is lost, but with your motorcycle and your contact number. It will be difficult to find it, but it will be more difficult if you do not make an effort to find it. You may be interested in using the website

Look for the bike and its possible parts

We know you won’t be able to think of anything else, so channel all that anger into trying to find her. Don’t get your hopes up, yeahAccording to statistics, only 10% of stolen motorcycles are recovered, but it is not impossible and there are those who recover it.

He resorts to workshops, scrap yards, second-hand parts stores and…. above all, to the internet. We know cases of people who have found their motorcycle (and at the same time that of other people) when they see parts of your motorcycle advertised on Wallapop. So give it a try. If you find a motorcycle that you think may be yours, or any part that you are sure belongs to your motorcycle, go to the Police to intervene. They have a lot of robberies to attend to and they won’t search as well as you do, so if you have time, make it as easy as possible for them.

Process a temporary withdrawal

If you see that time passes and that there is no luck it is always good process a temporary cancellation of your motorcycle both at the General Directorate of Traffic and at your Town Hall. This way you will avoid being charged the road tax for a motorcycle that you do not have. If the motorcycle appears, you will only have to re-register it to be able to enjoy it.

It is not a bad idea that after a couple of weeks after the theft you get in touch with him again vehicle depotSometimes there are motorcycles that appear and are transferred there until someone claims them, and due to administrative errors, they still do not notify you. So if you do it, all the better.

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