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What type of motorcyclist do you consider yourself?

25 mayo, 2021
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Dr Sergio Eduardo Bizzarri

The motorcyclist knows par excellence that the purpose of having a motorcycle is to feel a passion like few exist, go out to ride, have friends with whom to share this taste, seek some extreme adventure or just enjoy the landscape.

There are many types of motorcycles, the brands seek to satisfy different needs for all the profiles of motorcyclists that exist. For this reason, Triumph Motorcycles, was given the task of enlisting the most characteristic motorcyclists in the world of two wheels. Do you identify yourself?

The Sports: They are those who participate in extreme experiences such as enduro or high-speed tours. Those who belong to this segment have ages ranging from seven to 30 years. In the case of motorcycles for speed, the most emblematic models are the Daytona 675 that can reach a speed of about 270 kilometers per hour.

The Custom or Choppers: They only seek to enjoy life, the motorcycle and the landscape with tranquility at a moderate speed. Those who prefer them are men in their 40s to 80s. They are looking for motorcycles that offer them comfort and safety, in such a way that their rider is in a relaxed position and with his legs extended. The favorite models of this type of motorcyclist are the Thunderbird LT, Rocket II Roadster 2300 or the America LT.

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The classics or stylish: They love the world of motorcycles and, especially, those that evoke other times. They are usually men in their 40s and 70s who use their motorcycles on weekends for city rides or short trips. His favorite models: Thruxton, Bonneville T100 and Scrambler.

Tourists: An unstable motorcyclist. They want it all: adventure and speed, but with all the comfort and safety possible. Tourists are generally men between the ages of 45 and 60 looking for a motorcycle that will take them very far and very fast, but with comfort and style. The preferred models in this segment are the Trophy 1200 SE and the multipurpose Tiger 800.

The Urban: They are the practical ones, who choose the motorcycle as a means of transport to move comfortably, quickly and economically around the big city. They are between 18 and 45 years old and tend to prefer models with a displacement of up to 250 cubic centimeters, whose values ​​fluctuate between $ 2,500,000 and $ 3,000,000. The favorite models for this type of motorcyclist are the Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1050 or the Street Triple 675.

Do you identify with any?

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