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What you should know if you buy your first motorcycle after quarantine

25 mayo, 2021
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Why should you buy a motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle is a source of sensations. As far as mobility is concerned, the fluidity in the movements, the sensations of freedom and agility with respect to the car, are brutal when they are tested for the first time. Avoiding traffic, parking at the door and developing with ease never thought of in a car are sensations that, once the tests are done, one becomes fully aware of what the motorcycle means in urban mobility.

On longer journeys, traveling by motorcycle gives us the same or more sensations of freedom, now accompanied by riding sensations, regardless of the type of bike we are riding. Incline gently, trace, accelerate … all this is loaded with sensations that make us enjoy emotions in which we remain absorbed, just as it can happen to us when practicing a sport or playing a musical instrument for example. On the motorcycle we have skills to develop and nuances to identify, accompanied by sensations that flood our brain; and all this while doing something useful, which is to get where we want.

And if we already enter speed circuits or field motorcycle everything rises above the earthly, transporting us to sensations and emotions that, who has not practiced, can never imagine. Here the torrent of emotions that our brain receives is something that cannot be compared with anything. Feel the brutal inertia of acceleration and braking, inclines to the limit feeling the slip of the tires, the movements of your body from all sides in instinctive reactions to control all the inertia and movements of the motorcycle … it is pure adrenaline.

The latter of riding a track or riding a field motorcycle can be done at any time, even starting from scratch if it is done under the guidance of professionals. The danger is not in the motorcycle, but in us and our way of controlling risks and identifying limits.

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Learn to ride a motorcycle

As I was saying, we put the danger on the motorcycle, not the motorcycle itself. That is why Although we are going to buy a 125 motorcycle to be able to take it with the car license without having to take out the license, we should have some basic notions and learn a series of very important steps before starting to roll, because if we get scared in the first steps in the world of two wheels, unreal fears may be generated that are very difficult to remove.

That is why we must always trust professionals, because that of being taught by a friend who “knows a lot about motorcycles and is doing very well” does not guarantee us anything, since there are a series of psychological factors related to fear, which can give to ruin our biker expectations. It is always better to go to professionals, since it guarantees us a clean and solid learning, which will give us guarantees, security and confidence when we go out with our motorcycle the first times.

For this we can go to conventional driving schools or also to driving centers such as the Honda HIS in Barcelona, ​​or the Jorge Lorenzo’s school or Enduro Staff in Madrid. There they will give you the bikes and everything you need so that you learn to ride a motorcycle with the best possible technique from minute 0, thus finding a shortcut to the best riding and safety sensations before getting your license.

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Having a good command of the bike is very important in the first steps before getting on a motorcycle for the first time. This will give us the first sensations of inclination and will help us to develop all the balance we need. In this way, when we get on the bike, we will only have to develop the part of control controls -throttle and clutch mainly-.

Once we have balance and master the controls as a whole, we will be able to control the inertia that the motorcycle causes in our body. We will achieve this step before if our first motorcycle is a scooter, since being automatic we will only have to accelerate and brake, without worrying about gears or clutch and we will save the part of coordination of controls for the operation of the gears. But we must also learn to brake, accelerate and lean correctly to circulate safely.

Regardless of the type of motorcycle we drive, a good touch on the accelerator and brakes is essential to ride safely and be able to react to unforeseen events. To develop these quick correction skills in unexpected situations, the dirt bike is the best school.

On scooters, the rear brake is occupied by the left hand, leaving the front brake and the accelerator for the right hand. Once we have a feel for the controls and coordination, together with the balance of the bike, we already have all the necessary skills.

On a conventional motorcycle, the right hand has to act on the front brake and accelerator, just like on scooters, but the left hand now takes care of the clutch, leaving the rear brake for the right foot. And finally, the shift pedal is charged by the left foot. It may seem complex, but In a few hours of practice, we naturalize the movements and they remain fixed in our brain, completely forgetting about these actions that become totally mechanical.

At that point we will be able to enjoy all these sensations and we will be able to focus our attention on the road or on the traffic and other road users. This is why it is important that we learn with someone to guide us, since until we master the bike and naturalize all the riding, we will not be able to ride completely safely.

It is a very beautiful process and quite gratifying, since in a few weeks we will have a good total control of our motorcycle, and each step we take is strengthened day by day and is never lost, just like riding a bicycle. Professional pilots say they lose their “fluency” in a few weeks, but that refers to pinpoint nuances at very high speeds. Any motorcycle user, once he has learned to ride, is something that is never forgotten.

And not only does it not forget, but it also hooks. The motorcycle gives us an inner peace that is comparable to little, and that is that the more intense the sensations are, the more addictive they become. I have done many action sports in my life and since the motorcycle I have not found anything, especially the field motorcycle or the speed circuits, which are capable of generating stratospheric levels of sensations. To give you an idea, if you have a level skiing, from my point of view, the sensations may be more similar to it.

What motorcycle licenses are there? How to get them out?

There are many motorcycles on the market that can be carried with the car license. In two-wheeled motorcycles we have from mopeds to motorcycles with a maximum 125cc and 15cv -11Kw-. In the current market we can find a great offer of this type of motorcycle.

But if we choose Three-wheeled motorcycles, like modern scooters, we can increase the displacement and horsepower without limit. It is enough that the motorcycle – the vehicle in this case since it is not considered a “motorcycle” – is approved for driving without a license.

But if we choose to get the motorcycle license, which we will surely not regret, as times have advanced, access has been staggered. Now experience has become a determining factor and different types of cards give access to different types of motorcycles.

scooter 3 ruedas

There are four types of motorcycle licenses: AM, A1, A2 and A, and the fact of having the car, the B card, can also condition the requirements that you will be asked to access them, or it can even be validated depending on which case.

If you want to take a 125 scooter for your day to day or to get the super sports car of your dreams, to be motorized and enjoy the freedom of two wheels, here is a guide to all the cards and how to get them.

How to choose my first motorcycle

Choosing a motorcycle is a decision influenced by many different aspects. And when we do it for the first time it can become complicated since we must take into account a series of new factors that directly affect our decision. This can also happen to us if after a few years without a motorcycle and we buy one again, since we have to rethink the motorcycle that best suits us at the specific moment of our lives.

These decision factors can be included in price, use, design and performance. The weight of each factor will vary depending on the personal situation of each one, giving more priority to one or the other depending on tastes and needs.

The price is something that will be conditioned by our economic capacity, so we will have to adjust to this and, normally, it is a prior decision. But We can regulate the other three factors and look for them in any price range. That is, if we are looking for an economical motorcycle, within that price range, we have countless motorcycles with different uses, designs and features.

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That is why, once our price limit has been defined, we must begin the search according to the use that we are going to give it and the sensations that we seek to find, and that in addition to clearly liking it, since we must never forget the aesthetic and aspirational component , which may be the most important in many cases. For example, although a scooter is the most useful and logical thing to do in the city, I prefer to go with a sport-style motorcycle simply because I like it more aesthetically.

The ideal would be find a balance between all the factors and find a useful motorcycle, with the best features and a design that appeals to me. But this is not always an easy task.

In the market there are different types and categories of motorcycles with different uses and …

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