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25 mayo, 2021
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Wheels and Waves It is a motorcycle customization event vintage in Europe. The fifth edition of the event is about to be held, and this time we will be able to appreciate the creations of many of the most renowned trainers in the world of motorcycling, this in a unique setting such as Biarritz. Of course Rhizome He will be one of the main presenters, showing once again his marked aesthetic of modern lines, surely causing the surprise and amazement of all the spectators.

The event will take place June 8 to 12 in Biarrtiz, In the middle of a surfing, music and flat track racing competition, the party will begin with the presentation of Rizoma’s preparations.


The first two motorcycles Rizoma Special presented are based on the BMW RnineT and Scrambler Ducati, of which we have already had the pleasure of knowing some details after their official presentation, which by the way has been very successful. But the real surprise and without a doubt the star, will be The Black Tea, which is the third Rizoma Special team customization, which is a mix between British and Italian, since its base and name are British, but its aluminum clothing was made in Italy. This third customization will be seen exclusively for the first time on the stages of Biarritz.


We leave here some of what was seen in the 2015 edition so that you can get an idea of ​​what type of event we are talking about and in case you have a next trip to Europe planned, do not miss its presentation at the Cite de l’Océan.

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