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WiPEY, is this the ultimate helmet wiper?

25 mayo, 2021
wipey 1

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A ‘start-up’ located in Slovenia has presented the prototype of the WiPEY, a small helmet wiper which has the advantage that it can be mounted and removed from the helmet in an instant, thanks to the fact that it is fixed with a simple clamp.

wipey 3

The good thing about WiPEY, beyond its small size, is that can be attached to both the top and bottom of the visor in one second and that in both positions it proves to be effective.

At the moment, the intention is to launch WiPEY on the Kickstarter platform at the beginning of May and if there is a good response, to be able to manufacture it in longer series.

Here you can see how easy it is to remove and put this invention on different helmets and how it works:

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