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Xiaomi launches the Ninebot N100, an electric bike scooter with ABS

23 mayo, 2021

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Yes, the Asian giant Xiaomi launches the Ninebot N100, an interesting new electric scooter.

The tireless Asian firm continues to increase its offer of electric scooters under the Ninebot-Segway umbrella with the new N family, which for now are still mopeds.

From them the most interesting is the N100, a scooter with modern and attractive lines, with a 2.2 kW motor in the rear wheel hub and a lithium-ion battery pack that allows it to enjoy a range of 100 km.


105 km of autonomy are declared for this moped.

A very interesting figure, although its maximum speed is 45 km / h due to its status as a moped.

A detail to highlight is that this new range incorporates an EABS braking system, which we assume is a specific anti-lock braking system for these scooters.

Evidently there is no lack of full led lighting, digital instrumentation with connectivity, app and geolocation and burglar alarm.

It’s curious but it should be noted that no signature scooter is equivalent to a conventional 125cc scooter; for now they are all mopeds.


This electric scooter incorporates ABS.

At the moment are for sale exclusively in China under a crowdfunding platform, so we do not know if they will reach Europe.

Only for curiosity, its price on this platform does not reach 1,000 euros …

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