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Yamaha motorcycles and their new model YZF-R3

24 mayo, 2021
YZF R3 3

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This time we have on our pages Yamaha Motorcycles and their new model YZF-R3.

From the outset this motorcycle looks spectacular, a very nice fairing that can be obtained in blue, red and black colors on its official website here in Mexico, it has a cost of $ 89,900.00 including VAT.

Its characteristics are good to dry, it is a perfect motorcycle for a person who is leveling up, let’s continue with a 125 or a 200, because it only stays at 321cc, in any case it is an excellent motorcycle with all the support of the R In its name, Yamaha is characterized by giving in its friendliest price models characteristics of its most violent motorcycles, in this case the R1, using the same compensated piston configuration, achieving less wear and more use of engine power.

Among the most notable features (for being a little extra) in addition to the odometer, and RPM that always come in the indicators, there is also a led that indicates when to put the changes (adjustable), the current change, the fuel meter and an indicator for change the oil, these are small details that not all motorcycles include, by the way it has a 6-speed box.

In reality, the Yamaha YZF-R3 is a motorcycle for people who want to enter the world of track motorcycles, since its price is not as high as the larger models and in motorcycles of the same price range it offers those little extras that Yamaha likes to add so much to their sports motorcycles (No Super Sport) in addition to a super aggressive look that will definitely make you feel like you invested those 90 thousand pesos well.

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