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Yamaha MT-03 2016 test | Moto1Pro

24 mayo, 2021
2016 yamaha mt03

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From the city to the highway

This is a light bike, very easy to handle and fun. It has a really smooth engine and gas feel. We were able to test it well in the city, where we barely used the first two gears. It is in high gears where the motorcycle feels more comfortable and relieved and thanks to its good torque figures (30 Nm) we can roll at very low revolutions without giving up a good response from its twin if we screw the grip. His reduced weight (168kg full), its size and the height of the seat (780mm) help to move through traffic and stroll without problems. Although these can be advantages for the shorter ones, for the large ones (1.84 in my case) they are not so much.

Surprising on the road. We have found one more motorcycle powerful, agile and manageable than it really appears to be. At the beginning of the route we made a route of fast curves, where this little MT-03 shows her chest. It takes 120 km / h effortlessly and recovers quite well, although to feel that it pushes or to make fast overtaking, we will have to pass it from the 7,000 laps. The general behavior of the suspension is good for use. Its conventional Kayaba fork and rear monoshock do their job to keep up with fast riding, but if you’re pushing the limits, you’ll be lacking in toughness and precision.

It is in slow twisty corners where this MT feels most comfortable. Its lightness and highly worked cycle part deserve a special mention. In addition, the high handlebar helps a lot when cornering and the bike enters the curves by itself. Among them, the motorcycle brakes without problems thanks to its 298mm floating disc, with two-piston caliper and a 220mm rear disc. It also comes standard with ABS, a system that provides added safety both on the road and in the city. We have tested it and you have to brake really hard so that it jumps in normal conditions.


The information offered by the instrument panel is quite complete, with a fuel level indicator, oil temperature, gear indicator, clock, oil warning light, double trip odometer, total odometer, average consumption, instantaneous consumption and over-speed warning light. Customizable according to the revolutions we want it to turn on, the lighting pattern and the brightness. Details that denote quality and effort of the entire Yamaha team.

The Yamaha MT-03 is now available at dealers in 2 colors, Midnight black and Race blue. There is also available a wide range of accessories to customize it to your liking, among which the Akrapovic exhaust, a screen, chain guard, license plate holder, tank bags, etc. stand out.

In short, an accessible motorcycle for those who have an A2 license and want to discover the dark side of Japan in small doses to later make the move to those with a larger displacement with the experience of a machine that will guarantee you fun.

Yamaha MT03

Based on the sporty Yamaha R3, it maintains an aggressive look with most of the design load on the front and a minimalist rear. The exhaust on one side, the headlight and the side air intakes give it a sporty touch.

Developed from that of the Yamaha R3, the liquid-cooled inline twin with 4 valves, has been designed to provide power that allows it to be carried with the A2 license without limiting it, with a good response and full of torque. The sporty character of the engine ensures a fun ride, as well as performance and running efficiency thanks to low weight forged pistons, carburized connecting rods, intake and exhaust valve arrangement, and a high performance combustion chamber design. 4 valves.

Yamaha MT-03

The 10-spoke aluminum wheels provide agility on the move and a perfect balance between strength and stiffness. For good stopping power with excellent feel, the MT-03 mounts a 298mm dual front disc with two-piston floating caliper and a 220mm disc on the rear wheel. This braking system provides a powerful stopping power that allows you to enjoy both in the city and on the highway. ABS is standard.

Yamaha MT03

A very intuitive box that combines digital and analog, providing all the necessary information. On the left side, the rpm, fuel level, oil temperature and time are indicated. On the right, the speed and an on-board computer with information such as the oil warning light, double trip odometer, total odometer, average consumption, instantaneous consumption, etc.

Yamaha MT 03 headlight

With an unmistakable family resemblance, the front of the Yamaha MT 03 features a headlight placed in a somewhat lowered position. The driving position greatly facilitates the control of the front end of the motorcycle,

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