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Yamaha officially withdraws from Cto. of the Enduro World

25 mayo, 2021
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Johansson takes over

However, we will continue to see Yamaha compete in the Enduro World Championship with Johansson Yamaha Racing taking over, though not as an “official” Yamaha team like the Outsiders were. Talking to your team leader, Joakim johansson, who was eager to point out that nothing is official yet, has not lost the illusion: “I feel like it will be something really good. Of course it is a shame not to have the Outsiders in the paddock because they are a great team of professionals, the pilots , the mechanics. But this is an opportunity for me. “

Larrieu keep going

We can assume from the official, post-ISDE news, that Loic Larrieu will no longer race for Yamaha. In the press release after the event, Larrieu is quoted: “I want to thank the Official Outsiders Yamaha enduro team and all its members for all they have done for me these last three years. We have had great moments with the team. and I wish them all the best in their new endeavors. ” Everything seems to indicate that Larrieu will go to TM Racing for 2019, riding the EN 300 four-stroke model; the same one that propelled Eero Remes to the E2 world title in 2018.

Where does that leave Outsiders Yamaha rider Jamie McCanney and Cristóbal Guerrero? No official news has yet been received from Yamaha, although Jamie has participated in the Red Bull Knock Out and has confirmed his participation in the Le Touquet 2019 beach race, so we can assume that his services have been withheld and that it may be part of the “new and exciting project …”.

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