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Yamaha T-Max 530: the best-selling maxi scooter

25 mayo, 2021

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Perhaps only its younger brother, the X-Max 400, because the next rival, the BMW C600 Sport, is a long way from the Iwata maxi scooter. With its unmistakable sporty style and the motorcycle sensations conveyed by the T-Max, has managed to create almost a sect of loyal followers that continue to keep it one more year in the first place in its category. Much has to do with the fact that Yamaha has not fallen asleep and the new T-Max It has been improved in all its sections.

The new X-Max 400 picks up part of its brother’s heritage, and is an excellent scooter that performs very well and is clearly more affordable than the 500. For its part, the powerful BMW C600 Sport is preferred over its brother. GT, but it cannot overshadow the Yamaha in terms of sales.

1. Yamaha T-Max 530 (13th) – 1,420 units
two. Yamaha X Max 400 (16th) – 1,187 units
3. BMW C600 Sport (24th) – 620 units

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