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Yamaha XSR900, retro design with cutting edge technology.

25 mayo, 2021
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Yamaha XSR900, retro design with cutting edge technology.

The best of the firm’s latest engineering Yamaha We find it around the retro design that characterizes the new XSR900, is the heir to the already known MT09Of course it comes with some improvements. Now we find it in the Yamaha Sport Heritage catalog, share space with the XJR1300, the V-Max or even the SR400. All of them motorcycles with a strong personality in common.

XS come from the first Yamaha that featured four strokes: the XS-1 from 1968. For that year, Yamaha’s technology was based on the 2T. Now the acronyms that describe the Yamaha technology used in this model are XSR, which Yamaha has called Retro Bike Industry.

The XSR900 offers an exhilarating driving experience backed by the cutting-edge technology implemented in this retro model that pays homage to timeless classic machines.

It’s the latest in-line, 3-cylinder, 850cc, CP3 crossplane Concept engine, offering astonishing strength and impressive acceleration. A super light aluminum frame combined with a natural riding position offers an elevated driving experience and exceptional agility.

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