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Yamaha XT 1200 ZE Super Ténéré: The Latest Update

23 mayo, 2021
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For years we have seen how the constant renovation to which the maxitrails has been subjected means that the base with which they are built, which requires enormous investments by manufacturers, lasts for a few years in the stores, so that we all live with the feeling that a model should be in them for only a couple of seasons, three or four at the most.

But Yamaha decided, when it presented its Super Ténéré 1200 in 2010, that his big two-cylinder would have a stable base that would last for many seasons. And the truth is that it has such a peculiar character and aesthetics that for those who are clear that they do not need to immerse themselves in the escalation of power, electronics and drastic weight reduction in which current models live, they will continue to be so valid, versatile and beautiful as when it was presented to the public, at the end of 2009.

The move to Euro 4
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In 2014, the ZE version was added to the catalog, which added to its equipment a new instrumentation, with a very Dakarian air, as well as new pine cones and, above all, KYB suspensions with electronic adjustment. In the absence of testing the imminent version called Raid Edition, which was shown to us in the halls of last autumn with a complete equipment that revolves around a pack of aluminum suitcases and protections to go to the end of the world, this ZE version now passed to Euro 4 is the most complete in the catalog of the Iwata brand.

Regarding the changes required to adapt it to the regulations in force since last year, the most attractive is perhaps the least important: the arrival of the reflective sides to the fork dropouts, along with the classic Sumitomo calipers. A standard OBD II diagnostic connector under the seat and a gas recuperator, together with a tight seal for the fuel tank. Nothing else is required to make this large two-cylinder exceed the regulations, except for the new electronic management programs, which have been optimized, and the new exhaust assembly, which is outwardly identical to the previous one.

Kind character
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If the mechanics have hardly received modifications (nothing appreciable for the driver), the same happens with the cycle part. The KYBs with electronic adjustment are regulated by means of menus operated from the left hand control, in a process that, once learned, is easy and intuitive. The truth is that the number of parameters to choose in terms of spring preload, compression and hydraulic rebound is wide, but with notable changes in the behavior of the fork and the shock absorber if you manipulate them separately, which gives an idea of ​​the quality of suspensions.

It is important to emphasize that it is an electronic adjustment, but that they are not semi-active suspensions: the parameters that the user chooses are those that will be maintained throughout the route that we are covering until we modify them intentionally. In other words: you have to learn to play with the menus to be able to later adapt the hydraulics as you go, or in standstill the preloads. If everyone memorizes their favorite programs for solo or duo driving, with or without suitcases, and on good asphalt or badly broken ground, in moments you can leave the ZE perfectly calibrated to face any challenge.

But those who are not very fond of electronic gadgets and adjusting the suspensions by themselves, will not have to mess around too much, in that case it will be a matter of looking for an intermediate point that goes fairly well on all types of travel, and raising or lowering preload only in more or less extreme cases.

Nothing to complain about in terms of brakes, whose Sumitomo calipers are as solvent as ever, despite the fact that the set, at first glance, could seem very outdated by dispensing with radial anchors, monobloc bodies or gadgets such as Cornering ABS. But they still have good feel, enough power and an ABS that can be disconnected for the adventures on land with which we dare.

From the cycle part it still seems to us that the chassis is monolithic and noble, which makes this Super Ténéré a delight on roads with long open radius curves and good asphalt, but somewhat less intuitive and agile than ideal on very twisted and complicated tracks. In them, in addition to their weight, the fact that the stirrups rub too soon if you apply yourself a lot emerges, but we always talk about inclining asking a maxitrail sporty behavior.

The engine continues to be that in-line twin with completely flat torque delivery, with a husky and calm voice, a percheron that retrieve laps with ease in long relationships and that ends up saving you many gear changes at the end of the day. It pushes a lot and well, so much so that it always ends up transmitting the false feeling that you are going slowly, when it is not like that: it spreads, and a lot. But it is true that those who, when testing it, miss the most nervous engines of the latest batch models, will be right.

Those who consider it their ideal motorcycle will also have it because they are looking for a calm engine, but more than enough to move two people and all their luggage with ease, with just the right electronics to feel their help on a day-to-day basis, but without the need. added to having to choose between many operating programs or levels of traction control or ABS, for example, and with a robust and durable gimbal as few have seen in the history of motorcycles. Because if something is especially valuable about the Super Ténéré veteran, it is the fact of knowing for sure that it is one of the most reliable models ever built from the last decades, with a very low ratio of warranty interventions, and ready to last several hundred thousand kilometers with little maintenance.

Your rivals

The real rivals of this version of the Super Ténéré are the mid-high range twin-cylinder engines, and in order to complete the list we will include, despite the fact that they are about to be replaced in the respective catalogs of their brands, the top versions of the F 800 GS and the Tiger 800Called Adventure and XCa, both have 21 ”front wheels (which is also the case with the Africa Twin). Counting on the tourist-traveler air of the XT-ZE, we will also include in the list the Versys from Kawasaki, despite the fact that it is the only one on the list with 100% asphalt wheels, with wide tires, not suitable for leaving the asphalt and mounted on 17 ”wheels.

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