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25 mayo, 2021
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Now it is a trend to buy a retro motorcycle to repair it and customize it to taste. The big brands know this and neither slow nor lazy have they put their strategy team to work to find a way to be present throughout the movement and especially in the market offered by this popular trend. One of the strategies that manufacturers have created and have found quite successful is to create official motorcycle customization competitions, such as the Yamaha Yard Built which has just celebrated its second edition. It is a contest held by all official Yamaha dealers throughout Europe.

In this contest, the public was able to vote for what they considered the best creations. The basis for this contest were the motorcycles of the line Sport Heritage: the V-Max, SR400, XJR1300, XV950 and the new XSR700 derived from Yamaha MT-07. 27 applicants for the grand prize were registered.

This year the big winner has been the Spanish, Yamaha XSR700 scrambler by Eduardo Castro. Which of course belongs to the category of Yamaha XSR700, this being the surprise of this second edition.

It is a very clean retro scrambler interpretation of the Japanese brand that derives from the Yamaha MT-07. It has a pair of knobby tires and an imposing raised exhaust, fully customized, as well as the handlebar, grips, footpegs, mirrors, front fender and custom seat made using the technique of the hydroprinting.

The final touch is given by the special paint in which by the way the chassis and the engine have not been modified.


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