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YAMAHA YZF R1: You are unique!

24 mayo, 2021
yamaha yzfr1 2014 crossplane 0

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Thus, the Yamaha R1 had to modify its entire injection system, incorporating elements such as a second injector. It also incorporated the D-Mode with 3 power curves.

Now it declared 182 hp at 12,500 rpm, but the weight increased, and not only because of an agreement imposed between the manufacturers not to declare the weight empty but with full ones. In fact, the bike weighed more and was considered “less sporty” than previous models … Despite which he won the Superbike World Championship with Ben Spies. He declared 206 kilos but, as I say, with liquids and gasoline.

Again, the engine was a resistant part of the chassis as it needed more solid crankcases due to the behavior of the new ignition, with the cylinders 31 ° inclined forward, which loads more weight on the front end. The subframe is made of magnesium to save weight.

The damping is also renewed, with adjustment of the rear shock absorber in high and low compression, while the fork separates the compression and rebound functions on each side. The fairing, of course, is brand new with a shorter, flatter tail and brand new headlamps.

In 2012 there is a great electronic evolution, with traction control with 6 levels of regulation, retouched fairing and other aesthetic details. By the way, this year there is an anniversary model that celebrates Yamaha’s half century in the grand prix, which is now especially valued among collectors

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